Unmask Your Bad Self - Getting to the Lie Buried in Your Gift.

Eclipse Special Collage + Reading

During the Eclipse all veils are gone.  An energetic wall comes down between us and the story we have been telling about who we are.  A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into the Earth's shadow. The Eclipse illuminates your shadow.  Do you remember during Brouhaha 2015 when I said "When you go on stage your Shadow comes with you?"  So much time is spent trying to get rid of our shadow rather than realizing that our shadow contains our "fear of who we really are" and also our "fear that no one will see/recognize who we really are." 

I am offering Eclipse collages + readings to help you see your shiny self and the gifts in your shadow. 

Sometimes we can't discern for ourselves between our true and our false shadow.  We may have bought into the lie about what is "wrong" with us and have spent so much time and money trying to fix ourselves - that we lost sight of our worth and our gifts.  This is the fall from grace.  Our will and our confidence broken we try to fill ourselves up with the wisdom of teachers and people who "have the answers."  Yet it is very hard for their biases not to leak through.  If something makes them uncomfortable they may be encouraging us to "heal" or get rid of it.

By the way - the lack of arrogance - lack of confidence in ourselves and our gifts, the ability to stand up for ourselves (in a non-defensive way)  can lead to us being trampled underfoot. 

Your job during this lifetime is to speak the truth about the lies that have kept you from fully using your gifts.   We can sometimes believe that someone else "did this to us" and they may have- yet during my recent calls we are going deep on how we are lying to ourselves. 

I recently did a call on Pluto + authenticity for my Meet Your Guides- Meet Your Self.  Events that occur under a Pluto transit strip away everything that is not authentic about you.   People like to equate Pluto with transformation.  Is it a transformation if you are uncovering and revealing what and who is truly YOU from your depths?  Is it a transformation when we get to the lie that is buried with your gifts?  I would say it's a revelation.  The lie maybe what is keeping you from using your gifts.  Do you know what the lie you are telling yourself is? 

Every place there is a treasure there is also a guardian.  In the hype about "slaying dragons" some people forget that would also mean slaying a part of your self.   I have seen and lived the damage caused by trying to kill some dragon or "demon" within us.  Why? Because we have forgotten that we put that guardian there and got so caught up in the idea of protection that we are now afraid to be powerful, visible and/or vulnerable. 

What someone else told you is unlovable, worthless, "bad" or "evil" about you -  may have made you feel ashamed of yourself and your gifts.  Are you ready to unmask the lie about your bad (or good) self with me and get into knowing and owning what you have been afraid to offer to the world?

Eclipse Collage + Reading + 1:1 session

Collage only

Here's what people have been saying about my recent calls ...

"I love how this work with you is guiding my painting practice!" - A.S.

"During this call I felt the peeling off of shame and apologies." - R.M.

"Denise Dee's inner predator call takes you to unexpected places within yourself—to meet part of yourself you probably tried to deny. Denise has the rare gift of getting you to see what you were afraid to see and own the parts of you that you were afraid to own. This call in particular guides you deeper into your own power in a way you won't likely experience anywhere else."-  Kelly Eckert

Here's what they have been saying about me ...

"It’s foremost what you are able to do, which many/most others who coach/teach cannot do: get behind the mask.  Like no one else, you embrace the ‘bad’, the shadow, the dissonance, the dark. Everyone has a ‘bad’ side, they just won’t admit it to themselves or others."  - G.M.

"Denise helps me get underneath that veil of the words to the experience in the body that reveals the deeper truth within me."-  K.P. 

"My work with Denise has been like no other work I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a LOT of work). She is not for the faint of heart. She stands for the truth of who you are – all of it. She doesn’t shy away from the parts that are scary to you because she knows that acknowledging those parts is key to you being fully you. With the utmost compassion, she can help you see the things that you haven’t been able to see yourself.  In the cauldron of truth with Denise, you can begin to know and love all of you and start sharing that with the world. I will never be the same because I can’t un-see or un-know what Denise has helped me to find."  - N.B.