I spent most of 2015 grieving—grieving all the times that people asked me to swallow my wisdom, the times that people were trying to translate what I was saying into more palatable words, turning it into something that was acceptable to them. Even in so-called “out there” groups I was being asked to swallow my wisdom or change it into different words that weren’t going to be so upsetting to people.

I grieved and felt the pain of - The wisdom that is lost every time someone caves into the tribe. Swallowed Wisdom is a 3 part grief ritual I created for Brouhaha 2015. During this 3 calls series you will feel sadness, sorrow, anger, rage and grief. You will grieve and you will also smash limitations, rules, roles, excuses, fears, pacts, "balance" and any other boxes you have put around yourself.

This series consists of 3 recordings + a 10 page worksheet. The investment is $37.  

Please do not purchase this series if you are attached to "good" and "bad" or "high" and "low" vibrations. It's a waste of money if you are not willing to ask the