"I can't begin to put into words what a dramatic impact working with you has had on my entire life. I remember the night before my first hand analysis reading I literally couldn't sleep because my Soul was so excited that I was going to spend time with and get to know Her in a whole new way - that's exactly the relationship you facilitated. You told me things about myself that I had never said out loud before (or even gave my conscious mind permission to dream about) - those deepest, most secret dreams that felt "impossible" to even entertain the idea that they might come true. Yet there you were telling me that not only do my hand prints clearly - across the board - demand that this is what I'm here on the planet to do but in fact it is IMPERATIVE that I fulfill these dreams.

I literally felt like I was talking to someone who knew me better than I know myself - someone who sees the utmost, highest potential in me and cut to the chase about what needs to shift for me on a practical level. I adore your no BS-style which allows me to feel even more safety and trust the messages and guidance you deliver. You light a fire under my butt to stop hanging in my life lessons (which I didn't even know I was doing!) and to stop letting fear hold me back. In fact, you say "feel the fear, but your soul says you can't NOT do this because it's what you HAVE to do to fulfill your life purpose." Those inklings within me are real - I could cry thinking about the validation and liberation I continue to feel even 6months after my and analysis reading with you.

I could not express the magnitude of the impact learning about myself, what I need to do, and validation for the how-to's with people who 'get it' and how HUGE it all is....so I had to send so many friends to you so they could experience their own version and we could talk about it! - M.M. ****************************************************************************************************

"I had an in depth hand analysis done by Denise. In less than a month since I started working with Denise, I am completely re-designing my business!! Since working with Denise I realize I was going down the wrong path and not on the path of the spiritual teacher I signed up to be before I came in this life. So in less than a month I "downloaded" 2 amazing programs and my tribe is loving the "new me", also, before I would drag to write a newsletter, now I am easily coming up with weekly content! There is so much to say and teach that Its overwhelming (good overwhelming) the amount of information I am getting! If you are thinking about working with her, don't think, just DO it! She is gonna rock your world!" - P.M.


"Denise really took the time to explain each aspect of my hands in detail, returning to the themes that were converging from different places on the hands. Part of me was holding back from believing what I was hearing, but since almost nothing else was working in my life (and I had been in some high-powered and expensive coaching programs before) I chose to stay open. As I listened to the recordings of our conversations, the message of what my hands were telling me started getting clearer in my mind and sinking into my body.

Denise was the only person who really "saw" me and told me what I was truly capable of. She was persistent in helping me understand that the standard ways were probably not going to work for me, and she made brilliant suggestions of alternatives.

Denise told me out loud what I knew in my soul - that I didn't want to die with my message still inside me. She is a truth-teller and a rebel seer with a huge heart. Her statement that "what we most fear to look at in ourselves is where our greatest gifts lie" is proving true for me. I am on a path I never imagined - it feels like an adventure, both scary and truly alive. I would have suffocated if I had tried to play it safe. I feel fortunate that Denise shook up my world. " - P.A.

************************************************************************************************ "When I decided to work with Denise and set up a session with her, I knew immediately that we were going to get down in there to the depths I have been missing. Denise is honest and direct, she has a unique and singular gift of helping her clients look within themselves from a completely new angle. She speaks the Truth. The work we do together cuts right into the spaces in me that need to be seen, to be opened up, examined, and loved. Using the information from my hand analysis I have been working with the parts of me that I have been to afraid to bring forth, wounded parts that hold the gifts of my uniqueness; the gifts I am here to share with the world. I am gaining the confidence and strength to see the beauty and uniqueness I have to share and am so grateful that I have a mentor willing to go as deep as we need to unearth my wholeness." K.C.P.

************************************************************************************************** "Denise is a Universal Tornado! She gathers all the unseen images, cleans up misunderstood messages and translates Truth from the Eye of the Storm. She is Tenacious, Truthful, Transformational and shows up only as Her True Self. I am truly grateful to her and her Self Inquiry." - K.H.

*********************************************************************************************** "Denise has been like a fire in my life - three phases of it. There has been the firelight of illumination in an otherwise dark place. There has been the fire of compassion at moments of grief and difficulty. And, finally, there have been those fires she's lit under my arse that have necessarily helped me to jump out of some very limiting and comfortable perspectives. I'm grateful for all three, but when it comes down to it, I have most gratitude for the third: there's nothing like a bit of focused heat to wake up to myself with a yelp of recognition. Much, much appreciated!" - S.T.