Did you know that your gifts are in your hands?

Gift Markings are extra-potential talents that show up in the hands. However, only 10% of people have even one gift marking.  If you are reading this you are probably in the 3-5% of people who have multiple gift markings!  There are 18 Gift Markings a person could have.  We requested these gifts before we came to earth.  If you are not using these gifts you are in what we call a “penalty zone.” 

What does “penalty zone” mean? If you are not living your gifts, you are living your penalties.  If you feel stuck, frustrated, depressed, like you are chasing your tail, empty, drained, broke or angry- you may be in one or more penalty zones.  You may be succeeding in one area of life, but not the one you are most passionate about. Your gift markings can show you where and how to focus right now!  Intrigued?  

If you have gifts markings you have a specific area in which you want to be seen and recognized.  The area you feel most blocked in - can help indicate what gifts you are not using.  I can't guarantee this but I have found that fully using our gifts can help us make more money.   Finding out what your gift markings are brings in a lot of relief and confirmation of things you felt/knew but might not have had words for.  It also gives you strength to commit to fully owning, revealing and living those gifts.

Only 10% of people have even one gift marking.  The same percentage of people who are left-handed.  See a theme there?  We are the ones who are walking unusual paths.  They are natural for us yet seem may seem unusual to our families.  If you are reading this you are probably in the 3-5% of people who have multiple gift markings! 

The palm pictured below belongs to a person who was not using their Shamanic Moon star gifts.  See how the right side of the palm is drooping?  if we are not using our extra potential talents we can feel drained and exhausted from the energy of holding back or trying to pretend we are merely intuitive rather than deeply psychic.   We must use these gifts or pay the price of not honoring our commitment to ourselves! 

I am offering a $97 gift marking reading plus a 3 call recorded series where you can learn even more about your gift markings.  If you do not have gift markings- I will do a mini Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School reading for you. You'll find out which of these extra potential talents you have, why you may not be using them and how to start using them (or using them more fully.) If you purchase this reading and you do not have any gift markings- I will fully refund your money.

Getting Your Message Out to the Masses.   The Ability to Generate Resources - money or otherwise.  Are you a Know Yourself Specialist who is here to help other people get intimate with themselves?  Radical Transformation Expert - people say they want to change or transform - yet you will only be happy if you are working with people who want to radically change.  Are you the Oracle to the Oracles? If so, you see it and know it - so you MUST say it.   Are you a Warrior -  A Courageous Advocate?

If you said Yes to any of those gifts and are not using them fully- we will take a look at why and get you taking action using these gifts in the world.

The investment until April 30th is $97. I normally charge $197 for this reading- you will save $100 if you purchase a reading by April 30th. If you do not have gift markings- I will do a mini Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School reading for you. I will come over and ink your hands if you live in the Bay Area and we will do the reading live. If you live outside the Bay Area I will mail you an inking kit and we will do the reading over the phone. I’m excited to see what gifts you have in your hands !!!

A bit about me from my bio  - Denise Dee, the “Rebel Seer,” has been using her no-b.s. psychic gifts since the age of 5.  With her X-ray vision she can help you laser through to the truth about yourself that you have been trying to ignore.  She played in punk rock bands in the 70's, published zines, and wrote, directed and produced plays.  Denise is an extreme innovator (my life purpose in her hands)

Denise was told that she would die young by a palmist.  After being initially shaken she realized that couldn’t possibly be the only interpretation and vowed to begin metaphysical studies to bring a new way of looking at and using ancient systems into the world. 

Her hand analysis business began in 2012 focusing on helping people own the powerful (and let’s be honest – sometimes lonely) energy of their gift markings.  Gift markings are extra potential talents that only 10% of people have.  People with gift markings sometimes feel invisible or not fully seen by the people around them.  Once you know what your gift markings are you will free up a lot of energy that might have been used to hide parts of yourself.

Denise loves to work with creative women who are in psychic pain from having been shamed around their truth-telling ways.  Many of her clients are extreme innovators, writers, artists, witches and psychics.  She is here on earth to help people love and make money from the things they were told were unlovable about themselves.  Denise is fabulous at freeing up the swallowed wisdom deep within you so you can speak your own truth.

Denise specializes in moving people from fear to action.  You can’t be truly visible or intimate if you feel there are parts of yourself that are not allowed in your creativity or in your business.