Wolf Full Moon Eclipse Special - Reading or Collage

The Leo Eclipse at the Wolf Full Moon is on January 20th. Picture a Wolf howling, running and playing with their pack. Who taught you the rules of the pack? The Lone Wolf. Are you alone by choice or from fear? What comes up for you when you picture a Wolf?

I’m super excited about this eclipse. It’s the last eclipse in the sign of Leo for 9ish years. Eclipses come in pairs. Solar and Lunar Eclipse. New Moon and Full Moon. They occur in opposing zodiac signs. This is the last Leo or Aquarius eclipse we will see until 2028. I want you to take advantage of working with this energy by actually taking action. Not just gaining insight. “Transformational moments sit somewhere on the boundary between Logic and Emotion. Insight alone, no matter how brilliant, rarely leads to profound change.” - Hara Estroff Marano and Anna Yusim.M.D.

The eclipse gives us the opportunity for profound change happening at a lightning speed. Themes of the Leo eclipse are being on stage, creativity, being center stage in your own life, self-love and where or how you are being asked to love something specific about yourself.

What’s so special about an eclipse? At the eclipse our masks fall away. During the eclipse an energetic wall comes down between us and the story we have been telling about who we are.  A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into the Earth's shadow. The Eclipse illuminates your shadow.  So much time is spent trying to get rid of our shadow rather than realizing that our shadow material contains our "fear of who we really are" and also our "fear that no one will see/recognize who we really are." 

I am offering Eclipse collages + readings to help you see the gifts in your shadow.  Sometimes we can't discern for ourselves between our true and our false shadow.  We may have bought into the lie about what is "wrong" with us and have spent so much time and money trying to fix ourselves - that we lost sight of our worth and our gifts.  This is the fall from grace.  Our will and our confidence broken we try to fill ourselves up with the wisdom of teachers and people who "have the answers."  Yet it is very hard for their biases not to leak through.  If something makes them uncomfortable they may be encouraging us to "heal" or get rid of it.

I’ll give you an example. Readers used to pull the Queen of Swords for me and tell me how I wasn’t soft or feminine enough. I felt ashamed and like there was something wrong with my way of being feminine. Luckily I found Angeles Arrien who calls the Queen of Swords - the Mask Cutter. I love that! She says the QoS has to cut through her own masks, roles and defenses to retain her objectivity, clarity, childlike innocence and curiosity.

Are you ready to stop searching and seeking and to trust in and share (or share more of) your own wisdom? What wisdom are you being asked to share in 2019? You’ll find out during your Wolf Moon Eclipse reading.

Eclipse Reading. First I tune in and send in what I get for you. Then we will meet on the phone for a 30 1:1 session where I will tell you what your guides want you to know plus give you a chance to ask questions. I normally charge $197 for this reading. Because the January 20th Wolf Moon eclipse in Leo is so potent - I am offering you this reading at only $97. ($100 off) I may take a quick look at current transits to your astrological chart. To do that I will need your time, place, date of birth.

Eclipse Collage. I will make you a collage showing you what your guides want you to see and know at the Wolf Moon eclipse. This energy will be active for 6 months. You will also receive a 15 minute 1:1 session with me.

Here's what people have been saying about me and my work …

"It’s foremost what you are able to do, which many/most others who coach/teach cannot do: get behind the mask.  Like no one else, you embrace the ‘bad’, the shadow, the dissonance, the dark. Everyone has a ‘bad’ side, they just won’t admit it to themselves or others."  - G.M.

"Denise helps me get underneath that veil of the words to the experience in the body that reveals the deeper truth within me."-  K.P. 

"My work with Denise has been like no other work I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a LOT of work). She is not for the faint of heart. She stands for the truth of who you are – all of it. She doesn’t shy away from the parts that are scary to you because she knows that acknowledging those parts is key to you being fully you. With the utmost compassion, she can help you see the things that you haven’t been able to see yourself.  In the cauldron of truth with Denise, you can begin to know and love all of you and start sharing that with the world. I will never be the same because I can’t un-see or un-know what Denise has helped me to find."  - N.B. 

"Denise has the rare gift of getting you to see what you were afraid to see and own the parts of you that you were afraid to own."-  Kelly Eckert