Brouhaha 2018 - Who Are We Now?

The Aftermath by Denise Dee

If you came here because you made a quick decision and clicked - Yay You! You get the whole Brouhaha for $77 + a 30 minute 1:1 session with me.

Brouhaha was Created to Cause A Disturbance. To Stir Things Up. To Bring to the Surface what was buried, hidden or rejected. What we pretend doesn’t exist becomes dangerous. We saw this very strongly over the past year.

I wasn’t able to create a sales page for Brouhaha until 10 days into Brouhaha. Why? The Causing a Disturbance language no longer fit. I wasn’t sure who or what Brouhaha was anymore. I didn’t let that stop me. I found people who were willing to come to Brouhaha even though they and I had no idea exactly what was going happen. How was I able to do that?

I’ve been seeing an image on my calls of a Woman standing on a Road in the Dark. This is not scary to me because I have Owl as a guide. I understand how it can be scary. Do you or do one of your gifts scare people?
I have clients and friends who trust me and my ability to See in the Dark. What do we do when we know we have to go somewhere new - even if we do not exactly where are going? We use our gut instinct and take one action or step at a time.

The first 9 days of Brouhaha and the people who showed up on the calls showed me what Brouhaha was about this year. Do you let not knowing exactly what something is going to be stop you? Are you spending time creating something that no one seems to be interested in buying?

These are chaotic times. Things have been stirred up and we are on that road (perhaps) not quite sure where we are headed. We have as guides Spider and Virgo. Both are willing to step into Chaos and find the threads to weave a new web and create a new story. If you are not wiling to step into or fear the Chaos- you may be trying to not lose control.

I interviewed Anjani Siegrist yesterday. Anjani is a shamanic astrologer who will lead a workshop Ride the Beast at Brouhaha. We talked about how people replace their old rules with “spiritual” rules. What is this fear of Chaos, of losing control, of not knowing or being certain and where does it come from? Creating means entering that place some call “Chaos” - where you have no idea what is going to be created. All you know is you may die if you don’t let what is inside you express itself. Sometimes it takes a disturbing event to awaken your PASSION from it’s slumber.

Brouhaha in 2018 puts us smack in the middle of the Chaos. What do we do with these parts of ourselves that we have been trying to hide, heal, get rid of - or transform? They can’t hide anymore the disturbance won’t let them. We did not cause a disturbance to run away from it and try to get back to “normal.”

There is an idea that we are somehow going to awaken or transform into something or someone else. Some “higher” or “better” or more “divine” version of ourselves. What I know is this:

You have to kiss the part of yourself that repulses or scares you to become who you are already are. Let me repeat that. To BECOME WHO YOU ALREADY ARE. Yes, that means the part that you have been trying to heal or transform. You have to stop trying to make it go away. It’s not going anywhere. People hire me - a SEER - a strong psychic- to call some part of themselves forth.

Brouhaha will call forth parts of yourself that you may not want to see, let alone kiss. Brouhaha is a call to FACE YOUR FEARS. To face yourself. ALL OF YOUR SELVES.

Brouhaha 2018 has 7 workshops including:

Stand in Your Power w Denise Dee
Ride the Beast
with Anjani Siegrist
The Mirror
- 3 Ways You See Your Self and Your World
The Serpent Path - Shed your Old Personas w Allyson Seal - the Art and Sex Witch.
Draw Your Story
Your Role in the Chaos* - w Denise Dee

If you purchase the Brouhaha 2018 All Access pass you will also receive the post-Brouhaha workshops -
Pluto/Uranus Squares
- The Aftermath - What Is Left to Strip Away
After the Disturbance

I can’t give you full descriptions of these workshops because all of us work with what is front of us during the workshop. We do not let having to follow a plan- stop us from doing what is necessary and needed in the moment.

There are three ways you can play with us at Brouhaha.
Way #1 - You can attend any 1 of these 5 workshops -Ride the Beast, The Serpent Path- Shed your Old Personas, Draw Your Story, Stand in Your Power and The Mirror for $47.

Way #2 - Attend all 7 workshops. This includes the 5 workshops listed above at $47 plus 2 workshops that are priced at $127 apiece. Get access to all the Brouhaha Interviews. You will have access to the recordings for a year. Each workshop is individually priced from $127-47. The investment for 5 workshops is $97.

Way 3# - Attend all 7 workshops. Get access to all the Brouhaha Interviews. Plus 3 months of calls post - Brouhaha. You will have access to the recordings for a year. You also get a 30 minute 1:1 session with Denise and a reading with Anjani. You also receive the 2 bonus post- Brouhaha workshops. Investment is $197.

The things we try to hide or pretend don’t exist become dangerous. Your gut instincts are not about doing what is safe. Why are you trying to protect yourself from yourself? Come to Brouhaha where the Wild Self and all of your selves is welcome.