Brouhaha 2016 -  In Order to Manifest You Need to Disrupt Your Status Quo.
Step 1)  Use Your Hands to Shapeshift Your World

Step 2 - Dare to Disturb.  Speak Your Truth.  Shake Things Up.  Own Your Dark, Light and Shadow.  

Step 3 -  Snap Out of It.  Own Your Appetites.  

How can you do this?

1) The
Brouhaha 2016 Interviews.  10 People who are walking their talk. You might not agree with them yet each of them inspired me to make changes in my life.

Brouhaha interviews are totally unscripted! Each of the interviewees showed up ready to bare their soul.  Denise is known for making people feel so comfortable that they open up and share things that they might never have shared with anyone else.   The Brouhaha interviews are one of the most beloved parts of Brouhaha.  Listen in as Denise talks with ...

Nancie Benson -  Nancie shared with Denise how she knew her mother was afraid of her at a young age (!) Nancie's piercing eyes convey that she can see right through to your soul.  Nancie and Denise talked about what it's like to be backstage waiting to go on (for years in some cases) instead of being on stage SHINING!

Ruby Claire and Susy Potter - Ruby and Susy and Denise are all in the School of Wisdom.  Which is about assuming Leadership and Making Decisions.   Sounds awesome right? So why do they all have Attack lines in their hands?  Ruby and Susy open up about the parts of themselves they were told were "unlovable" or to be mocked or shamed and how they began to love themselves and use their Voice.   We talked about what it's like to be in your True Heart and to be vulnerable and courageous. 

Kelly Eckert - Kelly is an Innovative Messenger between Worlds who created the 4 Paths of Power.  Kelly and Denise spoke about being on the "Right Path" and some crazy things they had done when they were trying to live another path besides their own.

SaSu English -  SaSu spoke about being so afraid to speak that she would hide.  SaSu's guides gave her a message which she was terrified to take out into the world.  They gave her a technique that she used and she has been speaking ever since.   SaSu and Denise discussed what is was like as children to see what people would have preferred that they not see. 

Anna Kowalska - Anna is a vibrant expressive dancer who was born to be on Stage.  So why did she pretend she could live in someone else's spotlight?  Anna shares with Denise about her Wolf and Swan guides, what it's like being gorgeous (master and student path), living Lines of Genius (gift marking) and growing up in Poland. 

Nancy Monson -  Nancy is a Human Design expert who hands us the key to understanding, living and loving our human design.  Nancy and Denise are both 6/2's The Role Model who blossoms at 50.  The two Silver Foxes will give you the raw truth about how it sucks trying to live someone else's design and some steps to help you get intimate with your design. 

Kerry Pitt -  Kerry Pitt was so in fear of her allure, desire and sexuality that she ended up with an anal fistula.  Kerry and Denise spoke candidly and graphically about how what is inside must come out.   If we are afraid of Chaos and getting Messy we can not really restore order - which is the sacred task of Virgo and Spider (one of Kerry's guides) we can only "control."  Kerry is a writer and spiritual teacher who helps people love their glorious mess.

Anjani Siegrist - "Knowledge is Power.  Self-knowledge is Taboo.  Be Radical and Know Who You Are."  - Anjani Siegrist.  Anjani and Denise talked about the taboo and how your Chiron cut (aka wound) is where your greatest gifts are.  Anjani was in the military and is now advocating for her client's body wisdom and their inner priestess, shaman, alchemists and magicians. 

Marcela Veron -  Spoke eloquently about the Heart in the Womb and the pulsing of life in the blood.  Marcela is a Priestess who had some very deep initiations at a very young age that made her have to reclaim her Piercing Wisdom.   Marcela recently created Goddessence Elixirs.

All of this Wisdom for only $77 !

2) The Brouhaha Workshops


Discover Your Path, Own Your Power w Kelly Eckert

Our souls chose one of four main Paths of Power to follow: Messenger, Warrior, Creator, or Scholar. Each path has its own gifts, challenges, fears, perspective, and goals. The problem is, we’re usually not aware of our path. And, when we are, we tend to question it or make some excuse for not walking it.

Mostly, we wander off the path. We lose our sense of self, our sense of purpose and direction. We question who we are, how we got here, and where we’re going.

Unless we find and walk our one true path, we won’t be truly happy, fully comfortable in our own skin, or deeply at peace. 

In this workshop, you’ll identify your Path of Power and what makes yours unique to you. You’ll learn tools to help you get on and stay on your true path. Youll learn how fear keeps you off of your path and out of your true power.  Finally, you will take a shamanic journey to meet a power animal to help guide you on your path. 

Chiron - The Magic in The Cut w Anjani Siegrist

Chiron has been long known as the wounded healer. What we rarely talk about is the deeply shamanic initations that come as Chiron transits through the sky and our personal life experiences. Our wounding is an access point to merge our individual self with the infinite and in this workshop, we will activate the magic that lies below the surface. 

Shine Unapologetically w Nancie Benson

You came into this life with a vow to never outshine someone – your mother, your siblings, your father, your heritage or all of the above. Despite that, you’ve decided that you’re ready to claim your shine and to shine it as brightly as possible. We’ll talk about how you can organize the scavenger hunt to reclaim all of you, how you can break the “spells” that you agreed to, and what to put in their place.

Manifest Destiny With Time Travel to Get What You Really Want w SaSu English

SaSu taught us how to work with the gap between what we expect and what we desire.   She also shows us how to time travel.  This workshop was a blast !!!

The Science of the Heart and Brains in Our Body w Ruby Claire and Susy Potter

This was originally going to be a workshop to help us truly know that the heart is not the only place to be centered in or make decisions from.   Ruby and Susy brought in some neuroscience and taught us about boundaries and how to really tell YOUR Yes from YOUR No.

The Rituals


Casting A Circle

Temple Of Lost Love

Cutting to the Core

Creating a Magical Structure


Brouhaha 2016 took place over 24 days in the Season of Scorpio.  All of this can be yours to experience for only $77.