Come Play With Me

Yay! You're here and ready to go on this Journey with me. Not speaking our truth is the #1 way we abandon and betray ourselves. This includes speaking the truth about how we feel. During this time with me I will lovingly challenge you to FEEL all your feelings especially the deeply buried ones and the ones you may have been shamed for having in the past. I am not going to let you b.s. yourself or me. We will get to the core of your deeply rooted emotions so you can be Deeply Rooted in Your Sense of Self. Remember the image of Snow White with the "Poison Apple" in her throat? As Isha Lerner says in the Inner Child Tarot - no one can take that apple out of Snow White's throat but herself. This Apple is Wisdom that the Tribe insisted you swallow and under that is the Wisdom of Your Body. I will be encouraging you to let yourself "let go" during this course in the same way singing or acting coaches instruct their students to let go and lose control so the audience can feel the EMOTION.

The How:

4* calls in which I will guide you to the parts of your body in which deeply rooted emotions are buried or stuck. You will feel these emotions and send me e-mails letting me know what comes up. Talking about feelings is not the same as FEELING our feelings and can keep us stuck in our heads.

Making Collages. My #1 tool for seeing what I might not want to or be able to see. Your subconscious will reveal directly to you - what messages have not been getting through to you.

Creating rituals for yourself. You will have me to call upon so you are not doing an empty ritual that looks or feels good but does not STIR YOUR SOUL.

Creating and Choosing an empowering story that gives you a sense of purpose.

Keeping an Emotion Journal.

We are going to begin this on March 21rst. We will have a group call every 10 days

The Investment:

$497 investment. 4 - 30 minute 1:1 sessions with me + 4 group calls. Bonuses: *** What's Your Spirit Animal book + deck by Kelly Eckert. If you have this book and deck already you can choose either Inner Child Tarot or Voyager Tarot. These are the decks I work with the most. *** 4 - 15 minute hot seats with me on any area of your hands. I will send you out an inking kit. *** My newsletter and 1 call a month over the next 12 months starting on April 21rst.

$297 investment. 2- 30 minute 1:1 sessions with me + 4 group calls. Bonus: *** My newsletter and 1 call a month over the next 12 months starting on April 21rst.

$97 investment 4 group calls. No 1:1 sessions with me. If you decide you need 1:1 sessions with me you will be able to purchase them at a special rate of $97 during the 4 weeks of Deeply Rooted.

Deeply Rooted

The power to transform our lives is directly tied into how willing we are to face what we have been avoiding feeling. I created Deeply Rooted because I would get to a certain level of money, intimacy or vulnerability and then I would feel stuck or trapped like I couldn't go any further. Coaching did help. I had breakthroughs but eventually I would hit an emotional wall and I knew I had to go deeper than surface fixes.

Are you: Confused because you don't know what changes you are being asked to make? Spending a lot of energy protecting yourself from pain, disappointment or ridicule? Tired of being tired, exhausted and/or broke? Selling yourself short? Frustrated that not enough people are listening to what you are saying? Craving intimacy but numbing out with food/thinking/isolating instead?

During Deeply Rooted you will come face to face with the amount of buried energy and emotions you have in your Root and learn how to use this energy to move forward. Through the end of August you can purchase the recordings of my 7 call Deeply Rooted series for $147 $127.

You can’t be Deeply Rooted in yourself if you are not allowing yourself to feel and express ALL of your emotions.

At the end of Deeply Rooted I aim to have you feeling ...

Courageous enough to FEEL and Express the Feelings people shamed you for having Courageous enough to Speak Your Truth Bold enough to risk rejection Enough Love for yourself that you stop rejecting yourself and your gifts. Brave enough to see with the Eyes of your Child Self and Speak and Trust what you see. (Think little boy in Emperor Has No Clothes) Vulnerable enough to show your Enthusiasm Vulnerable and brave enough to Risk being Intimate Brave enough to STAND OUT

The How:

7 calls in which I will guide you to the parts of your body in which deeply rooted emotions are buried or stuck. Talking about feelings is not the same as FEELING our feelings and can keep us stuck in our heads.

Making Collages. My #1 tool for seeing what I might not want to or be able to see. Your subconscious will reveal directly to you – what messages have not been getting through to you.

Creating and Choosing an empowering story that gives you a sense of purpose. As a wise person once said "The Story you Tell is the Story You Live."

Keeping an Emotion Journal in which you will document what came up for you on these calls and in the days following. I find people get all kinds of great insights and action steps during deep emotional work and then "conveniently" forget them. You will start to cut through your own "fog" by facing head on and working with what YOU got for yourself during these calls.

I suggest you give yourself 7-10 days in between recordings (this is the way I led the series live) to see what comes up. If you find you want a 1:1 session with me at any time during this series. I will offer the sessions to you at a special rate. 7 calls for $127.

Power Hands

We all have a blind spot.  That place in our life where we seem to keep hitting an "obstacle."  That marking in our hands that even though we may be staring right at it- we don't want to see it.  For some of us it's a gift marking, for other the life lesson and for some people it's a marking that other hand analysts might not even point out to you.  It's easy to keep acting like this "obstacle" or "stuckness" is a problem that needs to be solved.  I'm going to be direct and call it like it is - the "problem" is not using our gifts.  And I will keep calling you (and me) out on it until we get out there and wake more people the f*ck up. Powerless people can't change anything- not even themselves. During your 4 Hot Seats with me we will get to the core of your "struggle" with Power. I do believe that a trip to the Underworld is to help us get back power that we gave away. This can feel like it was taken away rather than "given" away. We will also look at where and how you are being called to love yourself.

If you wish to be included in the hot seats- these will be done on a private call - through the end of February it's $97.

You'll receive: 4 - 12 minute hot seats with me. 12 calls focusing on a different theme each month. These will include energy work and action steps.

If you just wish to join in Journey Through Your Hands (without the hot seats) it's $47 for this 8 call series.

You Have No Idea What Could Happen in The Next 3 weeks ...

“In Order to Manifest You Need to Cause a Disturbance” – Denise Dee During the next 3 weeks the Brouhaha Festival will be disrupting our lives to get us to live from our SOUL. Once the rubble settles you'll see yourself and your gifts in a whole new Light !!!

Brouhaha means to cause a disturbance. Create a ruckus. Stir things up. Brouhaha is a 21 day virtual festival filled with provocative workshops and rituals.  Brouhaha is for people who are here to create new paths which do not currently exist. That sounds great and it's not always easy!

Have you struggled to find your voice? People who "get" you? To find your home? Do you ever feel like someone else has to translate what you are saying for "normal" people? Have you ever tried to deny your gifts because you were afraid of or didn't fully understand them? Did you ever feel like you had to hide some part of yourself to be loved?

You'll feel at home at Brouhaha. Buy your Brouhaha All-Access pass here and save $200.


Brouhaha is for writers, spiritual teachers, artists, innovators and visionaries. Brouhaha is also for people whose gifts sometimes make them feel lonely. If you've ever felt like no one understands you - come to Brouhaha. We will help you discover the words to sell your unique gifts and talents to the world.  Brouhaha begins on 10/22.

For Brouhaha 2015 I reached out and invited people whose work inspires and excites me to lead workshops at Brouhaha. 10 workshops, 5 rituals plus awesome bonuses. One of your friends just reached out to you with an invitation to attend Brouhaha for $97. They are handing you a $200 savings! Grab your All-Access pass right now & you get to bring a friend for free! There are only 5 available at this price.


The Center of Attention + I Am Special

If we're not conscious about wanting to be the Center of Attention we may be acting this out in all kinds of crazy ways. Dramatic relationships, being broke, needing to be rescued, sulking, anger, martyr, victim.During these two calls my guides challenged us to look and own how and we where we are being called to be the Center of Attention. The calls are filled with provocative questions and action steps. They are going to challenge you to look beyond how you normally see your life and your "limitations" into what is possible when you give yourself permission to be special and to be the center of attention. You will also receive 8+ pages of notes I transcribed after the calls. Plus as a bonus you will receive my Sept 27th Eclipse call. Investment is $47 for the Leo New Moon calls. (Please know all these calls are bonuses with the Brouhaha All-Access pass which is $147 through the end of August.)

Purchase the Leo New Moon calls here

Purchase the Brouhaha All-Access pass here. $147 through 8/31. 15 workshops + 5 rituals + bring a friend free + bonus calls including those listed above.

You Won't Believe What I Just Spent Thousands of Dollars on ...

I paid top dollar to get this new headshot taken, what do you think?  Makes me look a lot softer and more approachable doesn't it? Denise57

A fast recap if you are just joining in.  My mission and I chose to accept it is to Redefine Soul.  I came to liberate souls from the good or bad box.  To bust you out of what you can and can't do.  To free you from the prison of "If I do, be or say this then they'll love me." The Redefined Soul creates their own purpose and meaning and lives by how they feel and trusts their innermost knowing.  The Redefined Soul may have a guide that looks and sounds just like them. I spent my childhood in a church apologizing to god for "having offended thee." I'm done apologizing for being me.  (You may hear me saying this again.  The redefined soul is not ashamed of "do-overs.")  This is my almost 57 year old face in harsh bathroom light.  What you see is what you get.  Cue horn section.  I've been sick this week.  Feverish with a sore throat.  This wild burning came up after a dis-spiriting call.  Make sure you get the right kind of support! I cancelled some sessions with clients yet I also kept a few appointments because I knew something would come up in those sessions that I needed to hear. Ended up talking with one client about her upcoming Pluto-Moon conjunction.  I made a silent note to self to check on the Pluto conjunctions to my personal planets.  Pluto conjuncted my Mercury and Venus before I was 3.  Cue flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz.  Shadow and Death are as important to me as my Soul. Why?  Because it's part of my soul.  I hereby declare Dark is as crucial a part of the soul as Light. I was laughing hysterically about this Pluto biz with a client today.  Pluto the old "let's strip you down until we get you to what's authentic about you."  What does a 3 year old know from authentic?  Nonetheless I must have volunteered to go to the Underworld 6 times before the age of 3.  Does that mean it still can't have f*cking sucked?  I am not now nor will I ever be a fan of spiritual bypassing.  If I'm in, I'm all in.  I know my kind of language is not for everyone and if you heard my "F*ck Being Dispassionate." call on Wednesday - you heard how much I laugh. Pluto- Moon looks like this to me. bpm2 Stanislav Grof calls this BPM II - This episode belongs perhaps to the worst experiences a human being can have. The fetuses both mechanically and chemically alienated from the mother with no possibility of immediate escape which may be later manifested as feelings of being trapped, of being hopelessly caught and overwhelmed.  I call this "One of us is going to be killed and I hope its you." Let me quote more from Dr. Grof-  It is somehow silently accepted that the delivery means suffering for the mother, but is hardly experienced on a subjective level by the child. All speculations about subtle traumatization in the first months of life seem to be absurd if the traumatic effect of the birth is denied. If the birth trauma is experienced subjectively, then it is on a completely different level of importance than any later psychological traumatization. It is a situation involving vital emergency, fight for breath, imminence of death and is comparable only to other situations involving agony and dying. So howya just going to let that go? Yes he was a pioneer in LSD psychotherapy and also in holotropic breathwork. His work speaks to my soul.  I believe he was trying to Redefine Soul.  Anyone pushing the boundaries of what's acceptable is redefining soul. I spent hours on the phone this week feeling as if I was choking when people were telling me stories that they made up to not feel the depths of the pain inside them.  I understand how hard it is/was to be a child and to feel like we had to protect our mother or father.

I had to keep a whole lot of secrets. How many secrets did you have to keep? God forbid, you reveal those secrets because then you betrayed the tribe.  We see the themes of our childhood secrets reverberating through our lives. Who is telling you that you are betraying them or a code and what is that code? Who or what are you loyal to?

How have I made myself a tribe of one?

How can I be loyal to myself and also have a tribe? How do I know what my own intuition is if most of my energy is being spent on feeling other people's feelings? My intuition may be saying “Get the hell out of here!” and my empathic heart may be saying “Oh, that would be mean.” How could I be saying/feeling/thinking that?”  Like when we knew we need to break up with someone or quit a job, but say “Just 6 more months then  _____”  We act like we are staying for someone else but we are really staying for ourselves. (more on this on my next call)

To me psychic energy cuts through confusion.  I see the picture of what I need to do and there is no emotion there.  Psychic could seem colder or more removed.  Psychic can seem upper or above.  We’re observing from above.  To me what I see in psychic space is factual information.

Psychic guidance doesn’t have that light/heavy “scale”  I don’t have to ask how it feels.  It just is.  How I feel about it doesn’t matter.  Some of you are using "It doesn't feel good" when the truth is "I'm scared to ..." 

Big changes do not always feel good. For today let me leave you with: There are no off-limits feelings.  There are no off-limits feelings.  There are no off-limits feelings.   The Truth Teller is Welcome.  The Truth Teller Welcomes ALL feelings. Denise