You Have No Idea What Could Happen in The Next 3 weeks ...

“In Order to Manifest You Need to Cause a Disturbance” – Denise Dee During the next 3 weeks the Brouhaha Festival will be disrupting our lives to get us to live from our SOUL. Once the rubble settles you'll see yourself and your gifts in a whole new Light !!!

Brouhaha means to cause a disturbance. Create a ruckus. Stir things up. Brouhaha is a 21 day virtual festival filled with provocative workshops and rituals.  Brouhaha is for people who are here to create new paths which do not currently exist. That sounds great and it's not always easy!

Have you struggled to find your voice? People who "get" you? To find your home? Do you ever feel like someone else has to translate what you are saying for "normal" people? Have you ever tried to deny your gifts because you were afraid of or didn't fully understand them? Did you ever feel like you had to hide some part of yourself to be loved?

You'll feel at home at Brouhaha. Buy your Brouhaha All-Access pass here and save $200.


Brouhaha is for writers, spiritual teachers, artists, innovators and visionaries. Brouhaha is also for people whose gifts sometimes make them feel lonely. If you've ever felt like no one understands you - come to Brouhaha. We will help you discover the words to sell your unique gifts and talents to the world.  Brouhaha begins on 10/22.

For Brouhaha 2015 I reached out and invited people whose work inspires and excites me to lead workshops at Brouhaha. 10 workshops, 5 rituals plus awesome bonuses. One of your friends just reached out to you with an invitation to attend Brouhaha for $97. They are handing you a $200 savings! Grab your All-Access pass right now & you get to bring a friend for free! There are only 5 available at this price.