What have you stopped from growing until you get your way?

Have you been feeling stuck, overwhelmed, angry or like you just can't see what your next move is?  Are you asking different people and getting lots of different advice? 

Today is the Virgo Full Moon.  Sitting here on the cusp of spring makes me think of Persephone coming back up from the Underworld.   As Connie Kaplan writes there is a pre-patriarchal telling of the Persephone story that says Persephone went into the Underworld voluntarily because she was fascinated by the roots of wheat.   What are you being asked to get to the Root of this Full Moon?

Demeter - Persephone's mother laid a curse on the land to stop things from growing until she gets her daughter back.  Heroic Mother?  Control Freak?  Jealous or Afraid of Persephone following her own desires and wisdom?  What does your Demeter look like?  Let's play with this ...

What have I stopped from growing until I get my way?

Persephone wanting to see the roots of wheat made me think about all of us who weren't satisfied with the answers our parents, teachers, tribe or religion gave us.  One of my clients is a master at taking things apart and seeing how they work or why they don't work.  One is a master at making connections that other people would not notice.  Another is a master at asking questions and seeing things differently.  Were these gifts appreciated in their childhoods?  Not necessarily.

The moment where someone tried to cut us off from our truth lives in our root.  It lives in our body.  People may have been able to keep you from speaking your truth- but they are not able to cut you off from your truth.  Only you can do that.   On one of my recent calls we journeyed to younger versions of ourselves who felt stifled, unseen, unheard and unloved.   My guides instructed us to never ever bring back a part of ourselves if we are not going to keep a promise to it.  We can not say to that self "I'm going to live/speak my truth" and then not do it because that self will turn on us.

There's only so many times you can tell your Snake* guide - I will be the one who walks with you in the world with no Shame -  and then turn your back on the very gifts and qualities that make you qualified to carry Snake medicine before Snake lashes out, withers or leaves.   (*This could apply to any of your guides or gifts)

What someone else told you is not lovable, "bad" or "evil" may have made you feel ashamed of yourself and your gifts.  Are you ready to unmask your bad self with me?  


My new logo and tagline have put this aspect of my genius at the forefront.  Rebel is part of who I am and rebel is also a mask.  My genius is getting people to the Core of their wisdom and to own their "bad" self.  My genius is at getting people to their truth.  I can't necessarily get them to live it - that is their job - yet I can see through the masks.  Are you ready to claim the part of you that you were told was "bad" and start making money being ALL of who you are? 

If you paid attention to the Eclipses in February you may have noticed that you are being asked to see things as they really are and to do things differently.  Why aren't we seeing things as they really are?   Because we are seeing through layers of protection that we put on so no one would ever be able to hurt us again.

Last week on a call we stood in the energy of the All-Knowing and All-Seeing Eye.  I see this as a symbol for our own Wisdom.  Almost nothing is scarier than a person standing in, speaking and living by their own Wisdom because they can not be controlled.  

If you were raised with the idea that God, the Divine, Santa or "someone" is watching over you, looking out for you or watching everything you do - how did that make you feel?  Some people were comforted by this.  I have found it to be nearly impossible to create with someone looking over my shoulder.  And that someone can include myself if I get into second-guessing, criticizing, censoring before I've really even started creating.

Until March 31rst - I am offering you an opportunity to have a Mastery reading with me and save $500.  I will create at least 1 collage for you as part of this reading. 

These readings are intense.  I will be in your Psyche for at least 72 hours.  What needs to be seen by you will come to the surface.  This is not a reading to take lightly.   Why do you need me to make a collage for you?  Because you may be using a filter to keep yourself from seeing what you don't want to see. 

We can't always get our own answers.   The reading will present material to you that you could easily use to create an offering for your clients,  help you with your brand or tagline or to show you your direction for the next 6 months.  Purchase a Mastery reading with me before March 31rst and save $500.


I realized the other day that because I have so many guides that can see in the dark that I have gotten use to seeing outlines and shapes.  I do not need to see every detail before I begin to speak or create.   I will utilize this gift as a tool to help bring inimages that will cut through your "logic" "needing to know every detail" and get you in deeper connection with your Soul, your guides and your gifts.

My guides want me to remind you that a Visionary does not always know their entire vision.   Waiting until you know every detail is soul-killing and quite possibly why you are not making as much money as you would like.  

Unmask Your Bad Self!