"We Ain't Goin Out Like That"

Saturday night downtown L.A. a few thousand people turned out for "65-92:The Rhythm Changes but the Struggle Remains."  A powerhouse lyrical and musical extravaganza speaking to the Watts Rebellion and the Rodney King uprising.  Jazz Music from 65 + Hip-Hop from 92 bumping up against other and creating a conversation like I've never heard before. The first convo between Charlie Mingus + Snoop Dogg was mind-blowing especially when Kamasi Washington was doing turntable beats on the sax. A couple times during the night he raised his fist in the black power salute while playing one-handed sax.

"I Ain't Goin Out Like That" (Cypress Hill) felt like a siren call. Everyone around me shouted "We Ain't Goin Out Like That."  This is my kind of inspiration, it's what fuels my soul.  Seeing people move and be moved by words that express what we're all feeling - but might not have known how to put into words.  Those 6 words exploded with energy. 

I'm fueled equally by Danger and Wonder.  Curiosity is not safe.  Never has been, never will be- it's going to open doors some people would prefer remain closed.  But I Ain't Goin Down (yep I meant down) like that hiding behind a closed door. Are you?

When we're in the midst of a experience where everyone is drawn together by a shared passion - it's hard not to wonder how can we have more of this?  I have no idea what is going to inspire anyone else.  My job as a writer and artist is to give myself over to what inspires me.  Because when I'm as ALIVE, electric, inspired, passionate and on fire as I can be I know it's going to draw people to me.  

On my walk this morning I was thinking about how even though intellectually or conceptually we may understand that tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, it's not like most of the people I interact with daily are walking on streets where we fear for our lives.

I started to think about "in the moment" again after the show last night.  Time was the narrator of the performance.  Time was embodied by Patrice Quinn.  Time spoke to us of slave uprisings, of migration from the south to L.A., quoted us voices from Watts and South Central, of the drugs brought into inner city neighborhoods.

As Time kept talking you could feel the pressure building.  Built-up pressure has to be released. She spoke of uprisings.  Kamasi spoke of how the music of a time speaks of the people of that time.  Time spoke of the ways we live and what we create when we are willing to die to our "enforced identity" and take a stand for our freedom. 

What's your "I ain't goin out like that?"  What impact do you want to make?  Last night Time called out "Burn Baby Burn," and turned her body into a flame twisting and turning.  What's burning in your belly?  What's burning in your mind? What's burning in your heart?

Sometimes if we're around people who are afraid of their power or passion it's hard to let ours burn.  We may feel we have to tame it or that it's going to overtake us.   

There are many ways to be overtaken by "spirit" and many of them do not involve getting quiet or centered.  Once spirit/guidance/passion truly overtakes us we are no longer in control. (But not in the way those churches told us.)  We are no longer in control because our Creativity can't be controlled.  As my guides said tonight "Nothing is off limits in the 2nd chakra."  Nothing is taboo or off limits when you are creating.  And yet some of us are afraid of what we are going to discover or should I say uncover buried in our own bodies.  We're going to explore this in August.

More on this on my free call on Wednesday.  Would love to have you there!  It's at 11:00 am pacific/noon mountain/1:00 central/2:00 eastern you can call in at 605-562-3140 access code 662725#.

Grateful to every artist, musician and writer who sparks fire by speaking truth.

The Truth Teller is Welcome,


p.s.  I will be making a special offer to those of you who are on the call or who request the recording.