Watch Me Pull Your Magic Out of ...

I find that most people who are not fully using their magic are afraid of their PLUTO and feel that they have or that they might "bring destruction" or "ruin or spoil things" if they were to FULLY use their magic, creativity and power. The creation, destruction and regenerating cycles go hand-in-hand. One can not fully exist without using the energy from all of these cycles—you may also have heard them called Maiden, Mother, and Crone. My workshop at Brouhaha will help you tap into your body and find and feel your rage, grief and depth of your buried gifts. Please come willing to hear that what you may have believed were your deepest gifts are no longer 'leading' at this time in your life. This is incredibly freeing once we open to "What is the MAGIC I am here to create now?" We will look at the apprentice magician who made have made some 'mistakes' and the Inner Witch.

Accepting the Call: Journeying with Chiron and Pluto to Discover the Depth of Your Soul aka Watch me Pull Your Magic out of Your Root, Belly + Throat.

Pluto calls us to go on a “Hero’s Journey” into our soul so that we may uncover where we have given away our power and encounter the life our soul is calling us to live. Chiron invites us to embrace our woundedness as a guide and see that it is a gift we can use both to heal ourselves and to connect deeply with others.

This journey will necessitate going into some areas of your body and your life you may have been avoiding. We’ll use Chiron and Pluto as guides and your astrological chart as a map to locate where these areas are for you. We won’t just be talking about this, you will have a direct experience of feeling into the energy locked up in your body and begin to shift it.

You need not have a background in astrology as we will not be using Astro-speak.  I will speak generally of the symbolism of Chiron and Pluto and of what they are trying to tell and show us at this moment in your life. To get the most out of this workshop you must provide your birth information (time, date, place of birth) in advance of the workshop.  This is a 2 hour workshop and you will receive a 30 minute follow-up session with me.

Workshop is taking place Sunday October 26th at 11:00 a.m.  and Sunday November 2nd at 11:00 a.m.- you will be able to select one of those two dates.

Workshop is $297.   Which means in essence you are being gifted the All-Access pass if you attend my workshop.  You can purchase ticket here :

  This was my logo for my Astrology business which was called Soulstrology- the glyph at the first O= Pluto and the glyph at the second O = Chiron - I specialize in Pluto + Chiron.