Unleash the Animal Within

A few years ago I took Kelly Eckert's "Branding With Spirit Animals" course.  A few days before we were going to start Cougar showed up for me.   Cougar is only a few letters away from Courage.  What did I need Courage for? What I most got from Cougar was the Courage to buy expensive new clothes. I spent money on clothes over the next few days in a hip Seattle boutique. Most of my adult life I shopped in thrift stores.  Yes, the funky artist and eco-recylo conscious me loved the thrift stores.  And the me who was embodying Cougar loved having permission to preen and be admired.  And I did attract some high paying clients shortly thereafter.

At Brouhaha Kelly will be presenting :

Unleash the Animal Within . . . and end the confusion about "What do I really want and how am I going to get it?"

—A Practical Bio-Spiritual Process for Getting What You Really Want—

You may already know who one or two of your life spirit animals are. (If you don't know, that's cool. You'll meet them in this workshop.) But did you know that you have multiple spirit animals coming in and out of your life to help you manifest your burning passions and your deepest dreams? Getting to know and working with these temporary messengers will help you master the art of manifestation.

Imagine trying to unlock your front door with the key to your childhood home. If you don't realize you're using the wrong key, you feel frustrated and confused; you may wonder who changed the lock on you or who's keeping you locked out.

This is exactly what happens when you try to achieve new goals with old animal allies. You feel frustrated that you're succeeding slowly or not at all. You feel confused that your old tools and allies aren't working. You feel as if the rules of the game have been changed. And you start to think that the Universe is actually conspiring against you.

Some of your spirit animals—such as your primary life spirit animals—will continue to help you forever. But others have left you or are simply not capable of supporting your new dreams. They're not conspiring against you. They're just the wrong tool for the job.

You need to know who's with you right now so they can help you get what you want.

In this virtual workshop, you will learn (1) which spirit animals are with you right now, (2) what they have to say about your secret wishes and burning desires, and (3) how you can harness their power to get what you really want.

The workshop includes:

• A brief pre-workshop assignment • A discussion of the practical applications of spirit animals • A guided journey to meet your current spirit animals • A post-workshop assignment with email feedback


You can purchase your ticket to "Unleash The Animal Within" 0n 10/23 at 1:00 p.m. pacific here:

You can purchase your All-Access pass for $297 (will go up to $497 on 10/23) here:

(and if you want to come to come to Katie Todd's "So You've Been Burned" and Kelly Eckert's "Unleash The Animal Within" you are already at half the price of the All-Access pass)

Client Spotlight - Kelly Eckert

Kelly's thumb (in hand analysis) is part of her life purpose. Kelly needs to get results or her soul is not happy. We may not often think of soul/spirit and results in the same sentence. Kelly will share with us about her journey to being spiritual and getting results when I interview her on October 20th.

Kelly made more money during the period I was mentoring her than she had up until then. You can see I am an innovative mentor and not only do I give people total permission to be more FULLY themselves- I am RELENTESS with my Why Not? line of inquiry. (more on this later)

Kelly is Harvard-educated and like many highly educated women had an easier time earlier in life getting "head-based results" and living up to OPE (other people's expectations).

Kelly is the mother of two girls who have a lot of arches and one boy with a lot of loops.

Kelly is a true trail-blazer in helping people get results and 'overcome their fears'. How many Harvard educated Shamans do you know? If you are needing courage to break out of a 'mold' and are curious about what Spirit Animal wants to help you see what you can't/won't see for yourself. I highly recommend coming to "Unleash The Animal Within".

Expansively Yours, Denise

p.s. I am serious about the $297 All-Access pass going away on 10/22. If you jump in now- you'll receive "Casting A Circle" - my 4 part pre-festival workshop as a bonus. That bonus goes away on 10/22. This is a kick-a** series. Part 1 - Who's in Your Circle? Part 2- Initiation and Building a New Foundation Part 3- Wise use of Resources.  Part 4 taking place on 10/20.

p.p.s. I am doing a Brouhaha preview call on Thursday night 10/16 at 4:00 pm pacific. If you are reading this you're invited. Call-in number is 605-562-3140 access code 504598# I will send out the recording on Friday- if you can't make it live.