Time to Un-Tell The Story Written in Your Body.

"Feel Thyself" - Have you ever hurt yourself or tried to hurt yourself just to FEEL something ??? The good news is you may be ...


During an interview with Lindy MacLaine yesterday (Lindy is the author of the soon to be released "The Curse of the Neverland") we touched on the "Outsider Who is Now an Insider". Lindy asked if my work was indeed about 'getting to the heart of things.'

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I replied yes- if by that we mean getting into all the parts of our heart particularly the ones someone told us were not 'good' or 'loving'. Kept getting the image of Snow White with the apple in her throat. Ivy Lau who knows from apples in the throat will be leading a workshop at Brouhaha on Saturday 10/25 titled "Feel Thyself: The Beauty Behind the Beast"  Ivy coined the phrase "Un-Tell Your Story"

So many of us wander around thinking there is something wrong with us- and that "wrong with us" often feels as if it's the heart. I have seen while working with my clients that many women can't energetically tell the difference between their heart and their throat and/or between their heart and their root. It's easy to split ourselves into 'good-hearted' or 'mean-hearted'. We also hear ourselves saying un-rooted, uprooted - yet sometimes we can be afraid to go all the way into our root because a lot of trauma and terror and passion and power live there.

To avoid having to feel all the power and passion we may 'decide' it's 'easier' (haha) to focus on the heart which can distract us with "What will other people think if I ________?" or "A _______ person wouldn't _________"

The root is all about me, me, me and mine, mine, mine. And the tribe or some tribes tries to squelch that in the interest of 'community' or 'not getting hurt/standing out/being safe' This can leave us feeling like we don't belong. It's one thing to choose to be an outsider or rebel or you choose your term. It's another thing to feel cast-out.

Pain can cause us to shut-down, numb out, go cold, quiet, silent. We can go the other way and lash-out, I'd rather hurt than be hurt, get prickly. Both are ways of avoiding our deeper feelings that is what is buried under the pain. I think of writing as blood-letting in a way.

Sometimes our past attempts to 'hurt' ourselves were actually a bizarre way to begin the FLOW again. There is no way we can ignore bright red blood or angry scars. Of course, I am not advocating this- just admitting I did it and the severity of what 'not feeling' can do to our bodies, our minds and our spirit.

Ivy is going to help us enter into and FEEL the parts of our bodies where our suppressed power and desire has turned into emotional armor. No prince or princess is going to come along and unlock that treasure chest we have to do it ourselves. And things may come flying out of that treasure chest that may not at first glance look like 'treasures'. I regularly have my clients sticking their hands in the middle of something 'disgusting/putrid/smelly/dead'. Our first impulse or at least the first impulse in some of the 'healing' community can to be to 'let that go' or 'release' it and in doing so we may be throwing away one of our most profound gifts.

Ivy at one point decided it may be 'easier' to hold in or not speak out loud about certain feelings. She'll be talking about this during "Feel Thyself: The Beauty Behind the Beast" What kept her going was journaling, writing and yoga. This is an online experiential workshop where you will be writing and doing movement- yes in the comfort of your own home.

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If you are doing the math with me - Katie Todd's - So You've Been Burned $47, Kelly Eckert's - Unleash the Animal Within $97, my Watch Me Pull Your Magic Out of Your Root $297, Ivy Lau's- Feel Thyself : Beauty Behind the Beast $44 and we have 11 more workshops to talk about + 5 rituals and a 20 minute hot seat with me all included in your All-Access pass for $297. You can purchase your All-Access pass here:


Ivy Lau- Client Spotlight


Ivy Lau has pretty much every possible Apollo marking on her hands. What does this mean? "Spill Your Guts" People with Apollo markings must spill their guts so things don't get backed up/ build up inside their bodies.

This can seem 'dramatic' to people without these markings. However Apollo generally need to be in the spotlight. And as Ivy knows if we don't get our spotlight and creative expression needs met (by writing, painting, drawing, dancing or doing yoga) - the 'drama' will show up in our relationships. Which can seem like some kind of external struggle between 'beauty and the beast'

Ivy's passion is "Helping People Un-Tell the Stories in Their Body"

Ivy's life purpose includes being a Messenger in the Spotlight. She has known since a young age that she was here to be a bridge between cultures and has been asked if she is Tibetan, Filipino, Native American - just to name a few- we will talk about this when I interview Ivy.

After our hand analysis session Ivy went and found journals she had written at in her early teens and will share some of her profound insight from that time with us. She was excluded by a group of girls and has had to work at finding her way back into community with women. Something I can definitely relate to.

Expansively Yours, Denise

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