The Thumb, Saturn and how what's in your mouth may ...

Looked at the Thumb and Saturn during last weeks Journey Through Your Hands call. The thumb is the "manifesting" finger in hand analysis. Saturn helps us with worth, value and structuring our lives and our business. I'm having a hard time just doing bullet points from the call because as I listen and write this up more keeps coming up. Here are some things I'm working with that may be of use to you.


Saturn - What I feel I’m Missing or Lacking***

I don’t have money I don’t have love I don’t have attention No one is listening to me

If I don’t look I don’t have to know/admit/confront.

I wish someone would come and ________ me.

Let’s start differentiating between Fact and Feeling. Our feelings can seem so overwhelming or out of control that we are avoiding the facts. It’s hard to think clearly when we are feeling overwhelmed. Let’s look at money for a minute.

Do you owe money? To who? How much? List this out on a sheet of paper.

Are you in debt or feeling indebted? To what? To who? What kind of debt?

We can’t choose what we are going to look at. Anything we’re not paying attention to, ignoring or pretending not to see is “draining” energy. What feels out of control in your life? What is draining you or taking up a lot of your time?

What am I focusing on most in my life at this time? What am I pretending is going to work even though it hasn’t worked in a long time? Why am I still doing this?

What do I want? Why? Was I told I should want this? What do I think will happen if I have _____? How will I feel when I have this?

If I have sorrow, grief or feelings of lack around what I want- I probably won’t get it.

That may seem really obvious but guides are saying read that sentence over a couple of times. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to not push away feelings or to claim “I’m over it.”

Anything we haven’t really felt is creating a hole that can not be filled. It’s also creating a potential rage explosion when we keep butting up against our needs not being met. No one else can fill that hole or calm that rage. What they can do is HEAR our deep longings and love us as we begin to express what we’ve been holding in.

As children people may have stuck things in our mouth to calm us down or keep us quiet. This may have been food. We may have sucked our thumbs. How did I soothe myself? Did I want soothing? Did I receive it? Did I just want to get mad or angry and not be soothed? Did I just want to let it all out? I invite you this week to look at “What feeds my soul?” “What nourishes me?” “What am I hungry for?”

As long as we have something in our mouth we can’t speak our needs. “What am I afraid will happen if I ask for what I need/want?” Fear of being out of control can come in here as well.

Maybe we feel we will be greedy or take whatever we want with no concern for other people. Saturn ate his children and a wife. The Wolf ate Granny and Little Red. Do I believe I can have my fill without harming anyone else?

*** this is the lens of Saturn for this call. We'll look at Saturn in a lot of different ways during the series.