The Center of Attention + I Am Special

If we're not conscious about wanting to be the Center of Attention we may be acting this out in all kinds of crazy ways. Dramatic relationships, being broke, needing to be rescued, sulking, anger, martyr, victim.During these two calls my guides challenged us to look and own how and we where we are being called to be the Center of Attention. The calls are filled with provocative questions and action steps. They are going to challenge you to look beyond how you normally see your life and your "limitations" into what is possible when you give yourself permission to be special and to be the center of attention. You will also receive 8+ pages of notes I transcribed after the calls. Plus as a bonus you will receive my Sept 27th Eclipse call. Investment is $47 for the Leo New Moon calls. (Please know all these calls are bonuses with the Brouhaha All-Access pass which is $147 through the end of August.)

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