So You've Been Burned?

I regularly run into people who feel they were killed, persecuted or tortured because of being a witch in a past life.  This is not really one of my 'issues' or areas of concerns.

So I was absolutely friggin delighted when Katie Todd told me she created an amazing workshop "So You've Been Burned" and that I could offer it to you as part of the Brouhaha Festival on October 23rd at 9:30 am pacific.  Everyone who purchases a ticket will receive a recording. Believe me, you will want to listen to it more than once! Here's a brief description of the workshop:

"So You’ve Been Burned? Persecuted? Killed for being a witch, healer, midwife, lover, wise woman?

Do you have a visceral fear of stepping into your power and gifts?

This call will assist you in stepping into the fire and facing these fears.  The world is ready for your magic now.  Those centuries of patriarchal conditioning got nothing on the 2014-here-&-now-version of YOU.

Call includes Guided Energy Work focused on:

    • Clearing, Releasing Unconscious and Conscious Fears of Being Seen and Using Your Magical Powers

    • Guided Reclaiming, Owning, and Sharing Those Freaking Awesome Powers"KatieToddPurchase your ticket to So You've Been Burned here:

      You can still purchase an All-Access Pass for $297 up until 10/22 here.


      Client Spotlight:

      Katie Todd is an amazing artist, energy worker, mother and so much more!  I was lucky enough to read her hands earlier this year.

      Since we started working together Katie had her first 5 figure month- go Katie !!!

      This fall Katie offered her first apprenticeship program where she is training a select group of people in energy and magic techniques she (and her guides) created.  This had been in the works for a few years and 2014 is the year it came to life.  Super excited about her work going out into the world in a much bigger way.

      You can hear me interview Katie on Wednesday October 22nd at 10:00 am pacific.  Sign up to get on the Brouhaha list here.

      Expansively Yours, Denise

      p.s.  Come see both Katie and I and 23 other Disrupters at Brouhaha October 23rd to November 6th, 2012

      Collage is "Fear of Being Powerful" by Katie Todd