Ready to Fire Up the Cauldron?

I broke down bawling yesterday when I saw that my mentor Baeth Davis devoted her entire e-zine to the Brouhaha Festival and me.  This is the most people my message has been in front of ever. What an honor! I don't think I have ever had anyone believe in me this much - maybe I have- yet I can say no one ever has ever shown me this much support and shined such a HUGE spotlight on me.

And weren't we just talking about Apollo and the Spotlight yesterday? In a little bit I will be introducing you to Heather Bleasdell - Celebrity Witch who also has mega-wattage Apollo energy in her hands.


First though I want to give you a taste of what week 1 looks like at Brouhaha.

Pre-Festival - there will be a Dark of The Moon call on Tuesday the 22nd at 5:00 am pacific.  The Dark of the Moon is significant for many reasons but what I want to focus on right now is we will have recently left Libra (Sun) season and the Moon will be in Libra during the Dark of the Moon call.   I don't know about you but many of us lose ourselves in relationships- be they with co-workers, parents, siblings, friends or with our lovers.

In astrology the 7th house ruled by Libra in the 'natural' zodiac is the house of committed (contracted) relationships and open enemies (keeping it simple here - of course there is much more going on)  When we are 'bound' to someone by contract that can feel incredibly constricting and it can also feel liberating.  More about this on the call.

When we move into the 8th house ruled by Scorpio- this to me is when 'true relationship' begins.  This is the house in which we show people our 'shit'.  Many people are too shamed or afraid to do this- how easy or hard is it for you to talk to a lover about your deepest desires?  Not just sexually but all your (hidden) desires?

When my father died I was in a relationship with a  man with whom I had a lot of Pluto contacts. This brings everything that is 'hidden' to light.  Have you been in one of these relationships?  Where you're receiving psychic hits and downloads (some of which can be 'disturbing') in the midst of love-making?

I had a clear vision that he had been sexually abused.  He went right for my 'weakness' (mentally ill father and being on watch for 18 years that I was going to go 'crazy')  and angrily shouted out "You're crazy! Who would say such a thing? You're sick just like _______" - you get the picture.

During the Dark of the Moon call I will be bringing in energy to help you see a) What you've been avoiding seeing b) What you need to see c) What, where and how you're holding back your gifts for fear of what other people will think, because it's not nice etc.

Also I will be opening "The Temple of Lost Love" doors that morning.  More info on this to people attending the call.  Not giving away all my secrets.

We meet for the ritual/energy work calls very early in the morning because that is when energy is most potent with little interference. This call is $37

Opening Day of Brouhaha Festival  -  10/23

We begin at 5:00 a.m. (pacific) with a Scorpio New Moon call. We'll be working with 3 energies- thank you Angeles Arrien.

1) Scorpion  -  Scorpion represents that is willing to Protect or take Care of ourselves during times of change

2) Snake-  We must shed old identities to transform

3) Phoenix or Eagle-  Over-all vision or perspective that is needed to become even MORE of who we are.

Investment - $37

10/23 9:30 a.m. -  So You've Been Burned -  Katie Todd's workshop for people who feel they were witches, midwives and other rabble-rousers in a  past live.  Read more and purchase your ticket here   $47

10/23 1:00 p.m. -  Unleash the Animal Within - Kelly Eckert takes you on a shamanic journey to find the Spirit Animal who most wants to work with you now. Read more and purchase your ticket here  $97

Day 3-  October 25th

6:00 am-  Rocktober Sabbath ritual - Heather Bleasdell will fire up the Yoni's - more info below $33

10:00 am- Feel Thyself: The Beauty Behind the Beast - Ivy Lau will help you Un-Tell the Story Written in Your Body.  Read more and purchase your ticket here  $44

By this point you would have almost paid for your $297 All-Access pass. And we still have 12 other workshops.  Full program will be out - in one place on Monday 10/20.   Purchase your All-Access pass here

There will be recordings available of all workshops.

Client Spotlight on Heather Bleasdell - Celebrity Witch tm 

Heather Bleasdell and I first met when she signed up for my Decide and Take Action kick-start your life or biz workshop.  At that time I saw that Heather was going to have make a big break with some people in her life.  This is what it means to be a SEER as Heather can attest to- we can't not see what we see- even when it means upsetting someone's life. Heather loves to 'stir the pot' while making art and magic.

I love how Heather says "That makes me feel like puking" - when I challenge her to do something WAY outside of her comfort zone.  And I love even more that she said  "Feeling like Puking means it's a huge YES" -  put that in your manifesting playbook new agers.

Heather has been involved in 'witchy' activities since she was a little girl.  Her artwork blows me away- I've been encouraging her to turn her online workshop Fearless Journal tm into workbooks featuring her artwork.

Heather knows the power of the image to transform and to cut through the b.s.  - her and I share a devotion to the mystery of the IMAGE and all it evokes and provokes.

Heather publishes "Witches Illustrated" and is on a mission to Awaken the Witch(es) inside all of us. 

Heather is a mother and has 2 small girls who already have multiple gift markings in their hands.   And she lives in a house filled with people who all need to be in the Spotlight.  I will talking to her about this during our interview on 10/24 at 10:00 a.m.

Heather will be leading the Rocktober Sabbath ritual in which we will fire up our Yoni's and our Lingam's.   Her workshop Bite It:Getting to the Core of Magic is sure to be a festival favorite.

You can read about those and purchase your tickets here

Expansively Yours, Denise

p.s. All-Access pass goes to up $497 on 10/23. p.p.s.-  If you jump in now by purchasing an All-Access pass you can join me on Monday for my "Casting A Circle" call and my Sunday night manifesting call. Casting A Circle- which was a 4 part series- goes away as bonus on 10/23. (this was priced at $147)