Questers Have to Question

Let's make the most of this Mercury Retrograde !!!Where are you boxed in? I can help you SEE what you're not SEEING and help you come up with some steps to implement your Vision. It's not about CHANGING YOU - it's about stripping. What we aregoing to do is uncover a part of you that is buried or unseen, unloved or appreciated. It's about CHANGING YOUR ACTIONS.

I don't care how much of a magician I am we can't do this in one session. I can give you a lot of info in 1 session. Yet we all need FOLLOW UP. For those of you who already had your hands read by me- I will offer you a follow-up action oriented package which includes 2 1:1 sessions with me and 3 months of group calls. This rate is insane and goes away on 1/22. Find out more here.

Even if you have your hands read and/or would like your hands read and/or however you want to use the time. I'm offering a 3 month package which includes 1:1 time with me and my group calls for 3 months. This rate is insane and it goes away on 1/22.

Look forward to working with you soon.

Expansively Yours, Denise