Power Hands

We all have a blind spot.  That place in our life where we seem to keep hitting an "obstacle."  That marking in our hands that even though we may be staring right at it- we don't want to see it.  For some of us it's a gift marking, for other the life lesson and for some people it's a marking that other hand analysts might not even point out to you.  It's easy to keep acting like this "obstacle" or "stuckness" is a problem that needs to be solved.  I'm going to be direct and call it like it is - the "problem" is not using our gifts.  And I will keep calling you (and me) out on it until we get out there and wake more people the f*ck up. Powerless people can't change anything- not even themselves. During your 4 Hot Seats with me we will get to the core of your "struggle" with Power. I do believe that a trip to the Underworld is to help us get back power that we gave away. This can feel like it was taken away rather than "given" away. We will also look at where and how you are being called to love yourself.

If you wish to be included in the hot seats- these will be done on a private call - through the end of February it's $97.

You'll receive: 4 - 12 minute hot seats with me. 12 calls focusing on a different theme each month. These will include energy work and action steps.

If you just wish to join in Journey Through Your Hands (without the hot seats) it's $47 for this 8 call series.