Eclipses Bring Out Our Most Primal ...

This time between eclipses is kicking my ass. Cracks appearing everywhere, deaths, openings, kicking and screaming. "I don't want to but I have to."Put this energy to spectacular use doing a PRIMAL command call. I am still sore from it 6 days later. Getting reports of major shifts, openings and softening from the participants.

We can't refine without FIRE and I am all about the re's - redefining, reinventing, revolutionizing etc etc etc

I consider myself powerful and this power attracts in people who want to be fully in their power- even if they are scared of some of it-or were told they had to be 'nice' 'feminine' 'spiritual' or 'good' This is the time to kick through your past. It's not about 'letting it go'.

If you're ready to kick through your 'shoulds' - you need this call. I will send you the recording of part 1 and I'm doing part 2 on Wednesday. Two ass-kicking and freeing calls for $47. Plus a bonus! Sunday's call turned out to fit right into this energy- so you will actually receive 3 calls !!!

If I have ever suggested to you that you get angry and you have told me "I tried" "I don't know how" or "I don't know what I'm angry about" these calls are for you.