Eclipses are the Most Potent Tool for SEEING clearly

My laser focused Decide and Take Action mentoring sessions are extra powerful in the period right after the eclipse.You've been shaken- you've been stirred- we can go in and look at what NEW LIFE wants to emerge from the rubble. This is for people who need someone to hold their TRUTH in their face and hold their feet to the fire. This is ONLY for you if you really want to get in ACTION. I can't make you do it - so YOU have to be committed to doing the work. I love working with people in this sped-up way! I excel at sorting through rubble to find their gems and it may just be something you have been trying to push away or deny. If you're going to argue with me about what I see- save your money. So I'm offering 3 people- yep 3 people tops- 3 months with me. We start with a Decide and Take Action session which will have 3 follow-up mentoring sessions. You also receive 3 months of my regularly scheduled* calls (6 per month) You will receive a Rage 2 Riches call + my Wolf/Devil calls and my Casting a Circle calls as a bonus (value of $500) If you already have these calls - I reserve the right to work with you to find the right bonus series for you. Investment is $997.

* this does not include special series that my guides add in.