Deeply Rooted

The power to transform our lives is directly tied into how willing we are to face what we have been avoiding feeling. I created Deeply Rooted because I would get to a certain level of money, intimacy or vulnerability and then I would feel stuck or trapped like I couldn't go any further. Coaching did help. I had breakthroughs but eventually I would hit an emotional wall and I knew I had to go deeper than surface fixes.

Are you: Confused because you don't know what changes you are being asked to make? Spending a lot of energy protecting yourself from pain, disappointment or ridicule? Tired of being tired, exhausted and/or broke? Selling yourself short? Frustrated that not enough people are listening to what you are saying? Craving intimacy but numbing out with food/thinking/isolating instead?

During Deeply Rooted you will come face to face with the amount of buried energy and emotions you have in your Root and learn how to use this energy to move forward. Through the end of August you can purchase the recordings of my 7 call Deeply Rooted series for $147 $127.

You can’t be Deeply Rooted in yourself if you are not allowing yourself to feel and express ALL of your emotions.

At the end of Deeply Rooted I aim to have you feeling ...

Courageous enough to FEEL and Express the Feelings people shamed you for having Courageous enough to Speak Your Truth Bold enough to risk rejection Enough Love for yourself that you stop rejecting yourself and your gifts. Brave enough to see with the Eyes of your Child Self and Speak and Trust what you see. (Think little boy in Emperor Has No Clothes) Vulnerable enough to show your Enthusiasm Vulnerable and brave enough to Risk being Intimate Brave enough to STAND OUT

The How:

7 calls in which I will guide you to the parts of your body in which deeply rooted emotions are buried or stuck. Talking about feelings is not the same as FEELING our feelings and can keep us stuck in our heads.

Making Collages. My #1 tool for seeing what I might not want to or be able to see. Your subconscious will reveal directly to you – what messages have not been getting through to you.

Creating and Choosing an empowering story that gives you a sense of purpose. As a wise person once said "The Story you Tell is the Story You Live."

Keeping an Emotion Journal in which you will document what came up for you on these calls and in the days following. I find people get all kinds of great insights and action steps during deep emotional work and then "conveniently" forget them. You will start to cut through your own "fog" by facing head on and working with what YOU got for yourself during these calls.

I suggest you give yourself 7-10 days in between recordings (this is the way I led the series live) to see what comes up. If you find you want a 1:1 session with me at any time during this series. I will offer the sessions to you at a special rate. 7 calls for $127.