Crisis of Meaning? How to Find Meaning Without Having A Crisis ...

Some of us are afraid of our impulses. We think we have to control them or that they are going to lead us to doing something self-destructive. A quick reminder - not everything Impulsive is Destructive. The changes you know you need to make in your life are going require trusting your impulses. Why? Because some of these changes don't make sense. We have to trust our imagination and our inspiration more than we trust reality. Yet I often hear people telling me that they are afraid they are "making up" what their guides are saying. I know that the creative voice inside me is totally making things up. That's how new worlds get created by imagining, pretending and making things up. Before I go any further let me state I do not believe that any one part of the body is wiser or more spiritual than any other part of the body.

So what if you are making it up? It's not like guides are bound by logic or reality. The more common thing I see happening with guidance is very much like when we write or make art and our "flow" gets broken by trying to edit when we'd be better served staying with the flow and editing later. We may think we are "making it up" because we have an idea of how a guide would talk from some book or what a friend or teacher told us. If there is one thing I have seen over 7 years of working with people and their guides, is that guides "speak" to each person in ways that are often surprising and not only from the crown, 3rd eye or heart.

"Spiritual" people often give me the "What does your heart say?" or "What does your heart want?" line. Truthfully, my heart doesn't say anything to those questions. Does that mean I'm defective or there's something wrong with me? Possibly, but I don't care anymore. That's not where I get my answers. I'm not going to buy into the heart is the "highest" or "truest" place for answers/guidance if it's not the experience I'm having. Trust your own experience.

I had someone in my Meet Your Guides program who was finally able to meet her guides by being told to drop into her root not her heart. She was able to hear the voice inside her that in the past people might have told her was unloving, not spiritual, selfish or mean. Her root had been numb. Why? Because what her root was trying to tell her did not match her idea of a loving heart.

I spent so many years feeling like there was something wrong with my heart. Thank god for the writers and artists who I connected with who let me know I wasn't alone. Who committed not only to putting their TRuTH onto paper/canvas/vinyl but also to sending it out into the world. Some of those artists and writers ended up in prison to help the rest of us break free of the prison of "reality" and "This is how a good/responsible/upright person acts/thinks/behaves"

I don't create from my heart. You may and that's great. However if you've been feeling a bit stuck or confused - I'm willing to bet the "stuckness/confusion" is beneath the heart. It's impossible to fully create with any part of our body on lockdown. I know that's a bold statement and I'm not asking you to believe me. What would you create if you could feel and express all your feelings? What would you create if that numb, silenced, ignored or buried part of you came back to life? What would we create if we truly allowed life to come closer and have its way with us? Not our way its way. We get used to thinking we know how we want/prefer to be touched, but then we follow an impulse and ....

The most creative periods in my life have been when some situation or feeling that I've been trying to ignore or pretend isn't there erupts. Do you create or draw in crisis? If not do you love, live with or are you friends with someone who does? I learned early the only way to get attention was to create a crisis.

I was thinking about the "crisis of meaning" markings in the palm. Sometimes we also stir up a crisis to avoid having a difficult conversation. Hard to bring up divorce or quitting a job or money in the midst of crisis. The world can seem to get very small /narrow during a crisis. Sometimes this narrowing can be useful, it may help focus us.

I also want us to play with - "I can find meaning without having to create a crisis" Why?

Because what's the usual thing some of us do when we feel like we don't have a place in the world or we don't know where we fit/belong?

Stir up some drama. Let me stir up some drama to see where I fit into the family, the group, the world. Some of us do it by sulking or retreating. Stirring up drama can be coming from the unhappy or frustrated inner artist. Right under the "stirring" is an attempt to bring to the surface that which has been covered up. It's an attempt to disrupt the system so we can create from our deepest truth and vision. We don't need to create drama to do this - we need to channel our creative power into expressing that which we've buried.

We create to understand something about ourselves or the world - that's true. When I create Iā€™m following an impulse - yes! And sometimes lately I've been feeling like creations that are kept to ourselves are not fully satisfying because there's no risk of exposure or intimacy. I get the need to be intimate with ourselves and I also feel like during this period of time we're being asked to expose what has been hidden and buried and we can't do that if we are playing it safe.

Some of never want to finish our creations because we don't want to put our creations (or ourselves) out in the world to be rejected. But if we don't put it out there we are rejecting ourselves.

My guides spoke on the difference between feeling (emotion) and feeling as in touching. It's time to come out of the "concept" of the Heart and use our hands to touch the parts of ourselves that we have been avoiding exposing or touching.

Physical touch draws everything to the surface. So this week - masturbation, love making, f*cking? What does your body desire?

Make a piece of art or write a poem or song from the least touched part of your body this week.

Art and Creating always shows me the part of myself that feels ignored or neglected. I listen and I pay attention.

I will be doing a free call on Wednesday in which I'll talk about some ways we can work together. We'll be reading the signs (auguring) and taking ACTION in August.

The Truth Teller is Welcome,


p.s. made a typo yesterday - my death year is almost over. it ends in September.