Come Play With Me

Yay! You're here and ready to go on this Journey with me. Not speaking our truth is the #1 way we abandon and betray ourselves. This includes speaking the truth about how we feel. During this time with me I will lovingly challenge you to FEEL all your feelings especially the deeply buried ones and the ones you may have been shamed for having in the past. I am not going to let you b.s. yourself or me. We will get to the core of your deeply rooted emotions so you can be Deeply Rooted in Your Sense of Self. Remember the image of Snow White with the "Poison Apple" in her throat? As Isha Lerner says in the Inner Child Tarot - no one can take that apple out of Snow White's throat but herself. This Apple is Wisdom that the Tribe insisted you swallow and under that is the Wisdom of Your Body. I will be encouraging you to let yourself "let go" during this course in the same way singing or acting coaches instruct their students to let go and lose control so the audience can feel the EMOTION.

The How:

4* calls in which I will guide you to the parts of your body in which deeply rooted emotions are buried or stuck. You will feel these emotions and send me e-mails letting me know what comes up. Talking about feelings is not the same as FEELING our feelings and can keep us stuck in our heads.

Making Collages. My #1 tool for seeing what I might not want to or be able to see. Your subconscious will reveal directly to you - what messages have not been getting through to you.

Creating rituals for yourself. You will have me to call upon so you are not doing an empty ritual that looks or feels good but does not STIR YOUR SOUL.

Creating and Choosing an empowering story that gives you a sense of purpose.

Keeping an Emotion Journal.

We are going to begin this on March 21rst. We will have a group call every 10 days

The Investment:

$497 investment. 4 - 30 minute 1:1 sessions with me + 4 group calls. Bonuses: *** What's Your Spirit Animal book + deck by Kelly Eckert. If you have this book and deck already you can choose either Inner Child Tarot or Voyager Tarot. These are the decks I work with the most. *** 4 - 15 minute hot seats with me on any area of your hands. I will send you out an inking kit. *** My newsletter and 1 call a month over the next 12 months starting on April 21rst.

$297 investment. 2- 30 minute 1:1 sessions with me + 4 group calls. Bonus: *** My newsletter and 1 call a month over the next 12 months starting on April 21rst.

$97 investment 4 group calls. No 1:1 sessions with me. If you decide you need 1:1 sessions with me you will be able to purchase them at a special rate of $97 during the 4 weeks of Deeply Rooted.