Chakra Eruption: A Volatile View of the Earth's Chakra and Ours

Marie Denkinger will be presenting "Chakra Eruption: A Volatile View of the Earth's Chakra and Ours and how we can Intertwine to Align as part of the Brouhaha Festival on 10/30 at 1:00 p.m. pacific. chakra-eruption-exclaimed

Are You Feeling Energetically Sluggish and You Don’t Really Know Why?

Do You Get Tired Beyond Your Physical and Mental Activity?

Are You Agitated, Antsy, and Feeling Like There Has to Be More “Jazz” to Life?

Do You Want to Clear the Old Stagnant Energetic Crap Out of Your System?

Would You Like to Be Able to Connect to the Massive Energy Right Below Your  Feet and All Around You — At Will?

 If you answered “YES!” to any or all of these questions, CHAKRA ERUPTION!, my exclusive live, raw and uncut workshop, will help you solve these problems and amp up your connection with your own energy and with the Earth’s enormous energy.

I am presenting this material LIVE for the first time ever at the unprecedented online Brouhaha Festival on 10/30/14 (more about Brouhaha below — you won’t want to miss it!).

The insights, information, and live meditation in CHAKRA ERUPTION! are not available anywhere else on the planet. These are downloads directly from the Earth that I’ve been receiving over the past year, and She’s kicking my ass to take this information public NOW. Here’s what we’ll cover in the intense hour-long workshop call:

  • We’ll re-take a look at human Chakras, with bold new insights about how they interact, Chakra “constipation,” and what all this means for you, so you get more clarity on where some of your energy drains are occurring.
  • Then, we’ll take a trip through the tumultuous world of the Earth’s Chakras, so you are opened to a whole new arena of energy — you’ll never look at the Earth or nature the same way again. (Hint: Just think — the Earth is spherical — Her chakras are rising up, erupting and interacting in all directions all the time).
  • And, we’ll go on a guided meditative journey to expand your Chakras and connect them to the Earth’s Chakras, so you get to personally feel how we and the Earth can energize each other. Once you have felt this immensely powerful connection, you can’t unfeel it, and you will want it more (thankfully, the workshop will be recorded so you can listen again and again).

I will open up and bring in major Earth energy for the workshop, and help you temporarily expand your chakras to intimately connect with the Earth. You will be offered a special opportunity to work with me 1 on 1 to clear your most jammed up chakra, so you can continue to connect with the Earth's massive energy on an even higher level.

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