Brouhaha Festival Line-Up


Imagine attending a FESTIVAL of  EXCITEMENT, INTIMACY, and the ENERGY

of live performance, discussions, and workshops... ONLINE - from the comfort of your own home!!!

The Brouhaha Festival will be THE ONLINE VIRTUAL EVENT of the year—unlike any you’ve previously experienced.

BROUHAHA is for you if:

  •      You understand that in order to get results you have to know Who You Are.

  •      You’re an Outcast, a Black Sheep, a Trickster.

  •      You are ready to be Seen, Heard, and Answered.

  •      You’re an Artist, a Creative, a Punk.

  •      You are your own Oracle.

  •      You question everything.

  •      You want to be the creator of Meaning and Magic in your own life.
  •      You need Nourishment or to be Lifted Up to take that next leap.
  •      You’re the Provocateur, the Skeptic, the one who doesn’t need “proof.”

  •      You’re willing to be your own Scientist, to test things out for yourself.

  •      You’re a Rebel, a Pioneer, a Visionary, a Witch, a Magician with a Mission.

  •      You want to bring forth Passion and Creativity.

  •      You’re a Seer, a Mask-Wearer, a Weaver of Webs.

  •      You love to Play, Dance, and explore the tension of opposites.

  •      You grew up in a house filled with silence, secrecy, shame, abuse, sadness.

  •      You felt you had to HIDE as a child.

  •      You never got to spread your own wings.

Here’s the truth:

You’re tired of hearing that “light is good” and “dark is bad.” If you are spoon-fed one more spiritual platitude, you’ll puke.



You are one of the few people alive who truly understand that everything is born (is planted/or begins to grow) in the dark. Brouhaha embraces darkness along with the light.

Brouhaha is all about getting MESSY, being fully human, and fully divine.

You can attend BROUHAHA, or..

You can keep hiding parts of yourself, continue to feel invisible. Continue to live like the one who has to be grateful for crumbs. Keep being the one who does the “dirty” work.  The one who has to do everything alone.

If you don’t do this NOW, you remain in the penalty zone—and believe me, it’s no fun—hanging out in a penalty box on the side of the ice rink or to the side of the field while everyone else is playing.

I’m Denise Dee, creator and curator of Brouhaha Festival.

Denise Dee

I’m the Rebel Seer and Rebel Manifestor at


The Power Animal I have had since childhood is OWL.  Some people ooh and aah when they hear it—other people have been 'spooked' by it.  For all the beauty of OWL—seeing in the dark, seeing what other people don't want to see, being a person who people know sees straight through them—it also has qualities of “alone” and “aloof.”   We’ll work intensely with the energy of 'Seers and Tricksters' during Brouhaha—the energy of doing things very quickly, which can feel disturbing to people without it. OWL


I am an innovative and creative spiritual teacher who played kick-ass drums in a punk band, shot drugs, almost died 3x and got f*cking fed up with the catholic school of message of “spirit is better than flesh.” I’ve done everything to my flesh that you can imagine until I “resurrected into my BODY.”

Who are the EXPERTS in Brouhaha?  I hate when people promote their events by saying '21 experts' will ...  I am a firm believer that everyone is the expert in their own life.  My own life lesson involves “power give-aways” so I am very aware of  how easy it is to blame someone after they give us their advice and it doesn’t work.  I’ll say it again: You are the expert of your own life.  Come to Brouhaha and find out how to not only fully believe that but to start ACTING like it.  I would love to end the cycle of people running from expert to expert seeking 'answers' which most of us tend to conveniently 'forget' until our next 'a-ha'.

I have gathered together an outstanding group of fascinating people, most of whom are what they used to call hyphenates. :)  Such as: astrologer-painter, photographer-mother, raw food-energy worker-activist, playwright-reiki master-coach. Most of us leading workshops, presenting and performing are multi-talented and work with ALL of our senses, not just sight and hearing.

Here’s what you’ll DO through BROUHAHA:

You’ll die to the IMAGE you have of yourself. You’ll be resurrected into your true self, with all its gorgeous light, shadow, and everything in between. Having seen so much dark, you’ve had to find your own light. Now you begin the conscious descent to help others find, claim, and LOVE all parts of themselves.

You’ll celebrate and revel in the male and female, the divine and human. You’ll be with others who know the Divine Feminine is only one energy of this time frame. We’ll commence the joining: Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine. Not merging, but joining. Strength, vulnerability. Hard and soft, woven together—creating magic. You’ll work intensely, deeply, quickly.

You’ll get your spirituality with a rock and roll edge—heart and root beating to a wild drum and bass. You’ll smack up against the boundary of strong and soft. You’ll experience the bliss of losing yourself as you trust the strong and firm to hold you.

You’ll embrace and make love to contradiction. You’ll uncover your limiting beliefs—your TRUE limiting beliefs—not the stories you’ve been telling yourself about them. You’ll truly see that any bondage is of your own making.

You’ll take the Wheel of Fortune into your own hands.

Without further ado, I present to you...

The 1st annual BROUHAHA ONLINE Virtual Festival

October 22nd-  November 4, 2014  

Following are just a handful of the 12 ONLINE Workshops, 4 Rituals, 1 Hot Seat Session, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and various performances featured in BROUHAHA— to tantalize you.

"Unleash the Animal Within” — journey with Kelly Eckert to find your Power Animal or the one who MOST wants to work with you now. $197

"Bite It : Getting to the CORE of Magic" -  Do you want to know HOW magic works?  So did Heather. Flying above, below and beyond the traditional symbols of the witch, this workshop is a wildly practical introduction into the nature of HOW the Magic Process WORKS so you can begin to harness your natural equipment, innate genius and under-exposed gifts and talents to move forward into a BIGGER vision of who you are and how you can best serve your mission with magic. - led by Heather Sullivan Bleasdell -  Celebrity Witch $47 "Getting Naked on Stage- How Revealing your Story can make you Richer"  - a 2 day workshop to begin writing your own one-person show and discover how to use it to make more money in your business.  - led by Brenda Adelman $77

“So You’ve Been Burned”  — for anyone who was a WITCH in a past-life and has lingering fears of speaking/being seen –  led by Katie Todd of Katie Todd Energy  $47

"Manifesting your Wild Wicked Life - Sex Magic for Witches and Wizards" - led by Nadine Bengs Keller and Alika Medeiros $77

“Practical Money Magic”  — numbers are our ‘raw material’ for magic.  JJ Frederickson will get your foundation built.   We can receive – but we may not multiply our riches if we don’t have a container to hold our wealth.  $147

other special guests -

Ben Thole-  The Lion, The Witch and The Shaman — his journey from faith to skepticism and back again.

Emily Trinkaus of Venus Revolution - She'll be exposing all the things most people don't talk about when they talk about Venus- such as Lucifer, the Light-Bringer.

Antero Alli   — filmmaker and radical thought leader- as he says “Just Say No to Answers!”

Nikki Wallschlaeger  — prophetic poetess

and many more !!! Click here for the full program.  (Will be added in on 10/7/2014)

Here’s My Offer:

I’m offering you a Limited Edition Insider Pass for only $297. This pass allows you to attend ALL 12 workshops, 4 rituals, one hot seat, Opening and Closing ceremonies—and some post festival surprises.  

The price for this All Access Pass when I open the Brouhaha Festival to the public will be $497.  You can easily see that the total investments to attend all these workshops would be at least $1,000.  The Limited Edition Insider Pass gets you into all these for only $297—saving you $700 and up.


You’ll receive a recording of all the calls in case you can’t attend live—also allowing unlimited repetition. Most of our guides will be activating the energy on the calls for 6 months.   You will be able to reference and listen to the recordings as often as you wish!

Purchase yours now and you can come to my pre-festival workshop* :

“Black Sheep, Outcasts, Rebels and the Power of Casting a New Circle”- otherwise offered for $147.  This 4-week workshop prepares us to enter the festival ready to RECEIVE love, money and magic!  If you are a black sheep, outcast or rebel—you can be saying you want something, but as soon as it comes close—you get afraid/close down/and push it away. Workshop leader Denise Dee will get you to see and feel what is in your way. This workshop prepares you to hit the ground running—aka ready to take action on October 23rd !!!


If you jump in after 10/5- you will receive recordings of any calls you missed.


Come on, you know you want to come to BROUHAHA. There are a ton of reasons why you should, and only one holding you back: fear. Sometimes that gripping fear is in itself the knowing—the YES. Say yes. You’ll be SO glad you did!

BROUHAHA is  going to be stirring up some major MONEY MOJO. Can’t wait to see you there!

Expansively yours,



Why a ‘festival’ format?

—Because I LOVE festivals.  Each of the people leading workshops is an artistic person as well as a business person and I felt the LIVE ONLINE festival format would lead to more free-flow.  We are doing a high-wire act for you and we are willing to fall.  I trust you will join in the excitement once the Brouhaha Festival begins.

Do I need to be there live?

—Great question! No you don’t have to be there live.  We will be recording all the calls.   However, I suggest you come to at least a few calls live.  Commit to giving this time to yourself.

Why do I have to pay? I’ve been to a lot of free telesummits.

—I’m so glad you asked! It may be sad, but it’s inarguably true that when you put some skin in the game, you SHOW UP for yourself. How many collections of $49 telesummit recordings are sitting, still unopened, on your hard drive? I want this event to be passionate and alive, from your end as well as ours. A ticket price guarantees your participation like nothing else.

—Also, I want my workshop leaders to make money for their creativity, leadership and the experience they have created just for you, whether or not you purchase related products.  I am even paying the writer and poets for their evening readings—though anyone can attend those for free.  Everyone will be paid something—another stand-out difference from the usual summit business model.

Can I just come to one workshop?

—Yes!  Every workshop leader is offering individual tickets to their workshops from $47 to $297.  Do the math and you’ll see the All-Access Pass is your best bet.

Can I share a pass?

—Each person is required to have their own pass.  Please understand that if you want people to pay you and support your work, the best way for that to happen is to invest money in people whose work you love.  You can purchase individual tickets to each workshop.

Other questions that aren’t answered here? E-mail


Raves about Working with Denise- you may be Ranting while we are working together- but trust us it will be more than worth it !!!

"I had my first 5 figure month in Denise's Rage2Riches Program. While that is a huge business milestone in and of itself, the true riches are in HOW I FEEL. I feel like I've arrived at where I always wanted to be - respected in my community for my creative work, a feminine leader with a thriving energetic healing practice, and launching my signature training program.  From the time I was a little girl, I knew I had special gifts, but was continually disillusioned by both conventional and alternative paths of career guidance and longed for a mentor.  I am so glad I found Denise.  Her unique mentoring modeled some serious bad-assery, and being the authority of her/your own creative genius. She gave me permission to do my own "weird thing", authentically and powerfully. I also trust my guidance 100% more, and feel confident leading group calls with my own team of guides thanks to her Meet Your Guides Program. The other super RICH bonus is deeper levels of intimacy in my marriage. All of me (weird, scared, needy) gets to show up in my work, my relationships, my creativity, what a RICH life! It feels so good to be me! I can't thank Denise enough. I secretly wish she could have been my high school career counselor." -  Katie Todd

"Participating in Denise Dee's Rage2Riches program and working with her as a mentor has expanded possibilities for me beyond what I could see or imagine. Denise encouraged practical steps that I could take to set myself in motion toward my dreams, as well as plant seeds for the future.  Denise is a fierce mentor. She keys in on my blind spots and shows me where I get stuck; where I come up against limiting beliefs that no longer serve me.  I appreciate Denise’s straight-talking style—it cuts through any B.S. From a loving place, she stands firmly in what’s possible for me, with unwavering passion.  The deep energy work of the group calls and the artwork that I made subsequently, helped me to see so many things about myself and my life. These explorations combined with the one-on-one sessions took me into deeper places than I could have accessed myself, even with 15 years of traditional therapy under my belt. Denise stood firmly in what was possible for me, and kept pointing me back toward my gifts, to explore what I wanted to do with my life. Thank you, Denise, for helping me to open, to show up more powerfully, and to speak my voice in the world!”  -  Carolyn Vega