Bite It: Getting to the Core of Magic and Rocktober Sabbath

Rocktober Sabbath with Heather Bleasdell
Fire up the Yoni and Lingam!!! $33 October 25th at 6:00 a.m pacific
BITE IT Getting the the CORE of Magic - $47 October 28 from 11 - 12:30

Virtual Workshop, includes BITE IT introductory workbook

DESCRIPTION A lot of people will use the word magic to describe a feeling of kizmet, a sense of things coming together through mysterious means, but what are they really talking about? Personally, I wanted MORE than what magic feels like. I wanted to know HOW magic works.

Flying above, below and beyond the traditional symbols of the witch, this workshop is a wildly practical introduction into the nature of HOW the Magic Process WORKS so you can begin to harness your natural equipment, innate genius and under-exposed gifts and talents to move forward into a BIGGER vision of who you are and how you can best serve your mission with magic.If have a body, you can make magic.Purchase your ticket here