Are you one of the 10% of People who ...

I'm still energized from the Raven Full Moon Eclipse that took place on Friday. I shared with you in my last newsletter that I hadn't been having fun for awhile. That all changed as soon as my feet touched ground in San Francisco.  Check out my Silver Mercury boots and Raven.

The Eclipse (as they tend to do if you are actively working with the energy not just "feeling" it) removed the clouds around my next steps.  What happened for you during the Eclipses? 

Don't you love those moments where the questioning, wondering and seesawing back and forth ends and you make a decision? 

Thursday night I saw "The Mathematician at Play" by Gregg Tobo at the SF Fringe Festival.  I chose to see this show because math is not an area I am gifted in and I wanted to shake things up and go see something different.

It was the perfect show to see!  Gregg spoke about the 4th dimension in math.  He said in the 3rd dimension we commonly think there are 6 directions -  Backwards, Forward, Left, Right, Above and Below.  In the 4th dimension there are also Ana and Kata. 

I have no idea if Greg Tobo knew we were in the midst of a Mercury Rx but I was thrilled to hear that my view of Mercury as being outside of the "natural" laws of time and space and bringing in all kinds of opportunities was being supported by these additional directions known to people who are willing to step way out of the box. 

Have you given yourself the freedom to move completely not only "out of the box" but in any direction you choose?  Have you moved outside of logical and linear during this Mercury Rx?  All kinds of Amazing has happened for me since this Rx began in August.

One of my first innovative inventions as a child was "Motion Potion" it was created to allow me to manipulate time.  What were you doing early in your life that gave you a clue as to your Life Purpose or Gift Markings?  

The Fringe Festival inspired me to create Brouhaha in 2014.  I love having multiple low priced plays to choose from over the 2 weeks the Fringe Festival runs for.  They have their own daily newspaper!  I saw 6 plays at the Fringe this year in 3 days.

I don't know about you but I go through periods of intake and output.  Some people beat themselves up when they feel tired or unmotivated. I go out and shoot photos, go to plays or explore new landscapes.

Brouhaha is a place to come to be inspired and to be part of a community of people who are on the cutting edge.  My life purpose is Innovator.  Baeth said it is one of the rarest purposes. I draw in a lot of super exciting unusual and way out there people.  You are being called right now to go beyond the edge of what is comfortable for you.  So am I.  

I sent out a newsletter on September 15th inviting you to Brouhaha.  Only 10% of you took the leap and purchased an All Access pass to Brouhaha.  The same percentage of people with gift markings.  10% of people are also left handed.  10% of people take the alternate path.

Less than 10% of people regularly take action and inspire other people. Are you ready to join the inspirational action takers at Brouhaha?

Brouhaha like the Fringe is not a slickly produced event. I'll be walking the props in down the center aisle. You will see what goes on backstage and behind the scenes. Recordings will screw up. I'll mispronounce words.  We'll leap and sometimes soar.  I am willing to be the Fool.  No one will be pretending to be someone they are not because I will call them out on it.  

All the workshop leaders will be giving you the How To - not just giving you tips to sell you into a 10k program or to make you feel like you're "resisting" if you don't want to buy something.  I was lmao off the other day at people marketing giving you "permission" to do something. (I might have done it myself at one point on the advice of a business coach.) 

Being given permission might feel good even wonderful but it makes very few people actually take action.  There is no magic outside of you.  We will help you decide to activate the MAGIC in you.  YOU are the EXPERT of your own life and you may still need some kickass people to help motivate you. 

It's so easy to give in to that voice in our heads saying "I can't" , "I don't want to!" or "It's too hard!"

I both hate and love my trainer when he is clapping his hands and yelling at us-
Don't give up! Mindset people, mindset! You can do it !!!

Less than 10% of people take action and inspire people.  What do you need to decide and take action on? I can help!