Do you use Questions or Confusion to Buy Yourself Time?

It's crazy how much can happen in a few weeks! I know I often ask people during my calls to look back over the past 2 weeks or month, and see what came up, what the themes were and what they're being invited to pay attention to. Ever since the Scorpio Full Moon (May 3rd) I've been handed enough material to work with for the rest of my life. "I believe that it is an artist's duty to ask questions; in particular, questions that can be hard to hear, and difficult or impossible to answer." - David T. Little


Wherever these questions come from, whether you are an artist or not - this is a great time to ask yourself "What question(s) have I been avoiding asking?" "Am I afraid to hear the answer(s)?"

Sometimes we busy ourselves with being "confused." From that state it seems like we are asking a lot of endless questions.  As soon as one gets answered another pops up.  Yet they are distractor questions. Questions to "buy us time," before we have to get down to taking risks and putting ourselves - our messages and our needs out there.

Once when I felt bad because I seemed to be writing about the same themes over and over, my father reminded me that all the great writers do this. That each person has a few core themes and questions that strike to the heart of their soul. I have found what my father said ties in very well with a persons gift markings. Gift markings are extra potential talents that only 10% of people have. When you know what your gift markings are and commit to using those gifts fully - it can help cut through the distractor questions and help you get to the heart of your deep soul questions.

Gemini loves unanswerable questions and/or questions without ''right" answers (as do many tricksters.) Why? Because a question that can't be answered one way means we have to move out of logic, out of right/wrong, either/or and go deep into "don't know" which creates magic. Let's take a look at the questions your hands have for you and let your hands show you how to discover answers that are "crafted" just for you.

Different people can have the same gift markings yet each person will express the gift in their own unique way. Many people can sing the same note yet what makes it different is - it is being brought to life through your body!

If you have already had a gift marking reading with me- you can purchase this offer and use it to do two short sessions with me, where we'll explore which gift marking(s) most wants your attention right now !!!

The area of your life where you keep hitting a wall or have a blind spot is often where you need some help learning how to fully use these extra potential gifts. I have a Saturn Star. It's also called a Wealth Generator. I was really great at manifesting money when I needed it. "Needs manifesting" is very shadow parental Saturn. No luxury, no pleasure, it will be taken away if you are bad, don't deserve it, rewards/punishment aka basic needs.

I was not very good at keeping money. The "feast and famine cycle" is adrenaline based and exhausting. As artists and creatives we can get very addicted to creating 'in the moment" "when inspiration strikes" "in the nick of time."

My finances were supposed to "fall apart" during the time Saturn was in Scorpio. Well they did. Yet maybe not in the way that wording may make it sound. I had 2 years out of those 3 where I made more money than I ever had in my life. Something had to "fall apart" within me to allow that to happen. And that something (thank god) began falling apart when I realized I kept hitting a wall - and that wall was within me.

What does this have to do with a Saturn star or any gift marking? If we have a gift marking and we are not using it - we will keep butting up against our "Iimitations" until we commit to "Something has to change and I don't know how to do it by myself."

These walls require intimacy to help them come down. And that's a huge risk for some of us. No risk I have ever taken has been as scary to me as letting someone get really close. All the gift markings have a component of "intimacy" (my mentors may not agree) that are asking us "How does life want to get closer to me?" The gift marking will show you what quality/part of life wants to come closer.

Where ever there is a "wall" we keep hitting within any of us it's made of feelings we weren't allowed to feel.

Please know these years of 2012-2015 were (and are) about exactly this. Bringing us face to face with what we've been using a huge amount of our energy to hide or avoid FEELING. We can see the gifts and energies and treasures we have inside deep inside us calling to us on the surface of our hands. Let's discover what your gifts are and which ones are calling to you right now!


Back to questions which is the theme I opened this newsletter with.

What are the questions you are here to ask? What are the laws and codes you are living by? In a few months Saturn will be in Sagittarius and you will have a glorious opportunity for way more exposure if you commit to sharing, teaching and living what you learned during these chaotic years.

I invite you to make a collage for the New Moon or Saturn rx'ing in Scorpio letting your subconscious and unconscious guide you. Ask "What do I need to know?" "Show me what I need to see" or simply "Show Me." We don't need to know what these collages "mean" they will reveal themselves to us.

I made my collage and allowed myself the mind chatter of "What the hell does this have to do with ...?" that still comes up from time to time and put it on my altar.

In New Age-y stuff I would be instructed to banish or affirm over doubt and questioning. Magic happens no matter what. It's not in my hands. What is in my hands is my commitment to pay attention. This is my version of "being present." Yesterday after a 2 hour walk I decided to jump on a bus. After waiting for said bus for 20 minutes (the amount of time I had left in my walk home) I exclaimed "Why the hell am I taking the bus?" Bus pulls up and to my utter delight and surprise a long lost punk friend was on the bus.

Did my griping prevent magic from happening? Magic is happening no matter how I feel. The question is "Am I willing to pay attention?"

Let's go into this Gemini New Moon on 6/16 at 6:01 a.m. pacific) asking

Am I willing to Let Life Get Closer to Me? (no matter how I'm feeling)

What do I pay attention to?

Yours in Magic,