30 days with Denise - are you ready?

I'm going to cut to the chase I'm not a fan of trying to talk anyone into anything. You want to do this or you don't :) 30 days includes 6 group calls starting 1/18. 1 New and 1 Full Moon call. My guides being my guides they will work with the energy that is up at those times which may or may not involve saying the words "Aquarius New Moon" or "Leo Full Moon" However we will be delving into what is in the way of YOU being the most potent creative expression of YOU on these call.

You'll also receive 4 of my Sunday "manifesting" calls. These cover all kinds of territory and all kinds of 'manifesting', as well as going deep into what is preventing us from trusting and receiving. Last call they challenged us to 'Trust what we don't Trust' because many of us are in a rut with what we allow ourselves to trust. More on this during the upcoming calls.

1 30 minute session with me.

You will be doing collages and a tiny bit of 'hone-work'

How much is the investment for this special offer? $97 This is a one time special offer- so grab it now. Here.

30 days of calls without 1:1 session.