2015 calls - Special Offer

I'm offering a special 12 call package for $97. This package includes my 6 "New" Years Day calls. (Once we got into the calls guides said we will have 90 more days of 2014)My 3 Wolf, Devil, Goat, Little Red calls (Capricorn Full Moon) and the 3 calls I did for the Cancer Full Moon + Epiphany all for $97. This is over 15 hours of material and you can work with for at least 6 months. Anyone who purchases these calls- receives a free bonus 30 minute session with me and another bonus I will share with you when you purchase the calls. This is my thank you for helping spread the word about my work. You can purchase the calls here.


If you only want to sample 1 call- you can purchase either of these for $11. My guides create these calls on the spot - so I do not know what they will be about except that you will receive energy work. You can bring a friend for free to these calls.

Cancer Full Moon call 1/4/2015 at 5:00 am pacific



Epiphany call 1/6/2105 at 5:00 pm pacific