Ride The Beast w Anjani Siegrist


We push away things that wake up the Beast in us and then wonder why we feel numb or not quite alive. Tomorrow at Brouhaha Anjani Siegrist leads a workshop during which we will "engage" the Beast. Being enraged is a sure sign some part of us wants us to engage with it.

”I’ve been experiencing over the past year waves of scary energy. I want to replace scary with mysterious because I don’t understand it. But it was also scary. It starts to happen as I fall asleep. Deep inside. It’s dark and I can’t see. I start to feel like someone is punching me. I know that energy because I’ve punched and been punched a lot.

That feeling of being hit comes up and I’m like - Fuck, here it is again. Why do I keep feeling this? It’s anger rising up and I can’t avoid it or get away from it. So what I’ve been doing is sitting in it and getting closer to it. I feel like my body is fired up and is twitching. My back is to the world and I’m hoping someone says something so I can unload. The heat and rage used to be buried in me and now it’s coming up.

I hear - Don’t slay the Dragon, ride it. In the movie Avatar the main character had to go get his beast. He asked “How will I know which one is mine?” The answer “The one who tries to kill you.”

In this workshop you’ll learn how to Ride the Beast - not slay it.” - Anjani Siegrist

Ride The Beast - Friday November 2nd at 12:00 pm pacific/1:00 pm mountain/2:00 pm central/3:00 pm eastern/8:00 pm UK. The cost of the workshop is $47. You will receive a recording of the workshop that you can listen to as often as necessary.


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Brouhaha 2018 has 7 workshops including
Stand in Your Power w Denise Dee
Ride the Beast with Anjani Siegrist
Your Role in the Chaos* - w Denise Dee
Body Maps - Shed your Old Personas w Allyson Seal - the Art and Sex Witch.
Draw Your Story
The Mirror - 3 Ways You See Your Self and Your World

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After the Disturbance
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