The Serpent Path : Shedding Old Personas w Allyson Seal


On the night of the Scorpio new moon, I will guide you along the Serpent Path, a visualization practice that will help you to shed the skins that tie you to old personas. By clearing out old messages and identities that no longer serve you, and inhabiting your body exactly as it is, your creativity and vitality will breathe new life into your being. This practice will help you to find deep rest in your body, to surrender fully, and to open to the wisdom within you—experiencing rebirth in body and spirit. - Allyson Seal

Allyson, can you tell us a little about what you mean by persona?

When I say persona I think of the stories I am telling about myself. Some of the stories that I’m carrying about myself, I don’t need them anymore. During the workshop we’ll bring those stories to the surface so they become like skin and we can shed them.

The Body Map I created will help you look at what you are ready to shed. You will receive a copy of the Body Map before the workshop.

Allyson, I feel people may be on the precipice waiting to being ready. Will you talk to us about what you mean by being “ready” ?

There’s plenty that I’m ready to be free of, that I’m terrified of the work involved in being free of it. Ready is- if it’s in your field of vision, if it takes your attention then some part of you is ready. If you’re seeing it, you’re ready.

The Serpent Path : Shedding Old Personas
Thursday November 7th at 6:30 pm pacific/7:30 pm mountain/8:30 pm central/9:30 pm eastern. The workshop will be recorded and you will be able to work with it as many times as you like in case you have more than one persona to shed. The investment for the workshop is $47.

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