"What we most fear to look at in ourselves is where our greatest gifts are"       

It's time for provocative questions.  What if everything you have been trying to heal in yourself is where your deepest gifts are?

The Brouhaha - Causing A Disturbance- Festival is designed to disturb your status quo and get you questioning why you are playing by someone else's rules? I often hear people say they can't speak their truth because it would hurt someone else.  Are you ready to stop hurting yourself?

When people tell me they have to protect someone else.   My first question is "Who are you really trying to protect?"  We are usually trying to protect ourselves.

From October 19th until November 4th I will be doing a series of interviews designed to help YOU face the truth about yourself and start weaving the strands of what you are here to share with the world.

Step #1 - Break the Rule of Silence.

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